Design Star 2012-Interior Decorating by Talent in This Most Under-Rated of Competitive Reality Shows

I'm so glad Design Star is on tonight

I am very much enjoying this year's episodes of HGTV's Design Star.

. Actually I enjoy this series very much every year it airs and I do follow up on the winners. A recent winner was Meg and I watch her winning show "Great Rooms" often. The winners of Design Star are more often than not successful in their new series though some have not been seen for a while.

I think this is a very under-rated show in terms of its subject, the application of the challenges to the subject and the judging.

Like other competitive reality shows, there is a panel of judges but often a guest, generally a "star" of the network, is brought in.

Designing a room is not the sort of thing that can have a "little" challenge and a "big" challenge like, say, the Next Food Network Star.

Since we are dealing with the artistic class there is, as is often the case, drama, tears, angst.

As of this writing there are six Design Stars left. Advertising advises that an upcoming episode will have TWO contenders going home. Competitive reality shows do this, usually the sorts of shows that aren't as popular with the American public.

I've enjoyed the decorating challenges and I admire the skill of the decorators.

The Kardashian challenge had the decorating contenders decorating the new Kardashian offices, including the kitchen, reception area.

I'm a bit astounded by how much advertising is done surreptitiously on this show. On the Kardashian show we had Lumber Liquidators, Kohler and Cabinets-to-Go in various decorating schemes. Nothing wrong with a little all-American hyping of your product but I'm jus' sayin'.

 Another episode had the contenders decorating an inside area that flowed into an outside area. There were handsome wooden zig-zag fences, tree stump table tops and an oddly place children's play area next to the trashcans. This was done by Rachel, a contender I'd just praised and she did, indeed, land in the bottom two of this challenge.

Yet another decorating challenge had the contenders creating a hip and happening lounge to honor Hollywood. The contenders were given their decorating era by drawing of a random card at the beginning of the episode. The results were amazing though some, as is always the case, were not ...well not so much.

Brittany's Hollywood Regency room
I still think Rachel is now most likely to win this thing. Rachel's won two challenges though she's recently landed in the bottom. Winners of these things do go to the bottom at least once during the series just to, I dunno, keep the viewers guessing.

Hilari's post 80'a Hollywood room
Hilari's a possibility. She's won one challenge but also landed in the bottom two on one challenge. More important, I like Hilari, I think she's sweet and has a real sense of decorating style for one so young.

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