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SPOILER ALERT for the episode aired 7/2/12

I can't remember a time when I've heard more gobbly-gook and double-speak than on the home town dates aired on The Bachelorette on 7/2/12.

Except, perhaps, on the episode of The Bachelorette before that.

This show requires that the participants speak in general terms, that words be cloaked to somehow work around what's actually happening here.

Because we've got a beautiful woman meeting the parents and family of four guys. Their whole "relationship" was part of a popular television series. Every mother, father, sister and brother of those four guys know that no matter how much their beloved speaks well of Emily, knows that there's three other guys out there saying the same thing.

It was Sean's mother who broached the subject of Emily's prior relationship with Brad and good on her. If it was my son this would be the very first subject I'd bring up.

The parents of the other contenders might have brought up the subject as well but it was only this scene that was televised, I hasten to add.

"Well, you know," Emily began, "Brad and I, we weren't in the same place," Emily went on. At which Sean's mother murmured, as she murmured constantly during Emily's "explanation" of her and Brad's short and rocky relationship. No matter what silly terminology Emily used, Sean's mother would murmur to the effect "of course, of course" and I wanted to slap her.

If that were my son I'd be speaking plain and stern to this young woman.

"I have no problem with this rather unique way to find a mate," I'd say. "Nowadays there's all kinds of novel ways to meet people, online dating, speed dating….that sort of thing. But you done went an entire season and declared your love and devotion to a guy who from the very start was suspect as being a flake."

I wouldn't even let Emily get an "I know" in cause I'd not be done.
Chris Gone After Home Town Rose Ceremony

"So I question how you could love my son, if it comes to that, when you'd so publicly declared a love, to the point of being engaged, for another fellow on television and that ended badly. How on earth am I supposed to trust that you won't hurt my son with such a shallow tendency? Brad Womack, man, any girl with half a brain would have avoided him like the dickens."

I realize my scripted rant above wouldn't make good TV but it's how I feel about the rather vapid Emily and her questionable choices. I believe Emily's out for the media exposure and my son, were he one of the final four home town contenders, would just be a pawn.

Which I think those four fellow are but that's just me.

I have no reason to wish an unhappy ending on Emily and I do not. But come on, Brad Womack?

At any rate, let's have a look at these final three guys.

We begin with my prediction on who is going to win Emily's hand . I believe it will be Sean. Sean played a silly but cute little joke with Emily on the home town date show and he fooled me. He acted as if he were making a painful confession then declared that he was still living "here", said "here" being the very beautiful home of his parents. Of course a grown man close to 30 should not still be living at his parents and when I was a young, single, pretty lass I'd throw such a guy overboard toot d sweet. Sean also took Emily up to see what was allegedly his bedroom, which was a mess, filled with trash and crumbs. At this point I kind of figured it was a joke and hey, it was cute.

Jef of the beautiful hair
Jef is the fellow with the gorgeous hair. Jef is a Mormon and wow, he's got a huge family. Jef's parents were not on the hometown show as they were supposedly out on some "missionary" work. A man who springs from religious stock, Emily could do worse. In Emily's case, I think she'll consider it a strike against Jef.

As for Arie, he's my second choice for Emily. Emily rode in a race car with Arie, a bit of drama scripted for the show, I'm sure. Recall that Emily's former fiance, father of her daughter Ricki, was a Nascar race car driver. Arie's choice as a contender was perfect for the drama and sobs it would bring back. Arie is Dutch, and his mother spoke Dutch in front of Emily, responded to by both Arie and his father. Speaking a foreign language over the head of an invited guest is considered bad manners. Though I'm not at all sure this scene wasn't scripted as it sure seemed to be.

Finally, there's Emily. Lookit, Emily is quite attractive, no denying. And honestly she seems nice enough and between Emily and Brad Womack I'd readily say that Womack was the problem. This guy was a bad egg as far back as his first appearance on The Bachelor when he rather haughtily declared no lovelorn contenders were worthy of his fine self. But those fellows need to ponder that

Emily is used to the finer things in life, she's all about Emily (and her daughter), she's not for your average coal miner. I think Sean will fill the bill but he needs to carefully guard his heart and ponder all the caveats of a life with the very beautiful, pampered Emily.

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