America's Got Talent 2012 Finally Gets Down to Business

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I've hereby decided that "America's Got Talent" is my favorite competitive reality show of them all.

This includes American Idol, X Factor and The Voice.

Of course my delight at the show is its amazing diversity of talent and I'll say it, the amazing talents of Americans across the fruited plains. Sometimes I scratch my head and ponder who would think up such a thing?

Like the guy who plays music on the appliances.

You read that right, music on appliances, to include a vacuum cleaner the night I chanced to watch.

Who on earth came up with a notion to try and play music on a vacuum cleaner, and eventually excelling at it to a point of musical delight?

Now the guy who played music on his vacuum cleaner was just eliminated because come on, as intriguing as this "talent" is, it's not something most folks would pay to sit and hear. It surely is not a million dollar act.
That's the wand of a vacuum cleaner in his mouth

Howard Stern summed it up by suggesting that this is an act that would play well in a Home Depot, for example, but it's not a very good stage act.

Still and so you gotta smile. At some point in this fellow's life he actually decided to play a blender, a handsaw, a vacuum cleaner. I will always consider this a major part of America's charm. We have a plethora of folks with entirely too much time on their hands.

This past week four of what they call the "quarter-finalists" were voted on. The ones voted on by America and if part of the bottom three, by the judges, are quite good.

One act is a David Garibaldi and the CMYK or some such. This fellow does an amazing act. There's music, dancing and...PAINTING!

He completes an entire picture by the end of his act and it is always a surprise. Garibaldi will have the same problem so many of these specialty acts have, which is, can he keep his show fresh enough, with enough new surprises and material, to win this thing?

Edon is a young fellow who plays the piano quite well. The Scott Brothers are a unique and funny comedy team.

Maurice and Shanice are a father-daughter team who have caught the attention of America this past week. Below a short snippet of their singing act.

Shanice is a very good singer and so is her dad. But truth is that their novelty is their father-daughter status and this is not a small thing. But there are really only so many appropriate songs for a father and daughter to sing together.

The challenge for these two will be to choose the right song, this is sooooo soooo important, and move America to emote over the beauty of the father/daughter team.

America's Got Talent will be featuring 12 of these quarter-finalists over the next few weeks as they have 48 quarter-finalists. We'll be watching. Drop back in and find out how we size up the competition.

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