"2016: Obama's America"-A Review and the Biggest Failure of All

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The theater was packed.

"2016: Obama's America" was playing at the local Midway theater in Lewes, Delaware. The movie run began the Friday before Labor Day and I rejoiced. No one goes to the movies "downey ocean" on Labor Day weekend.

I decided to go on Labor Day proper. Let the tourists stay at the beach, I was going to the movies.

The place was packed.

Oh there were a few empty seats but believe me, I go to those movies all the time, granddaughter in tow, and usually about the same time, a middle of the day hour, a matinee.

I have never seen that movie so packed at that time of day.

But there was room and I daresay to all yon readers in lower and slower Sussex county, just plan to arrive a half hour earlier and you'll probably get a seat. Do not assume that because it's a documentary that nobody will go.

You'll leave scared out of your wits.

As stated, the movie is a documentary. The camera work, however, is terrific, hardly the boring views of documentaries.

It's the story of, well, Barack Obama.

The producer, Dinesh D'Souza, was born in India and served on the Reagan administration.

The story of Barack Obama is told. How his parents met, how they married, had a child, the story of Barack's mother's second husband, the story of Kenya, the history of colonialism both in Kenya as well as in India, D'Souza's birthplace.

So many of the poorer countries on this planet were looted and polluted by the likes of the United States of America. These countries stole the natural resources of their host countries, took them home to make things with, then sold back to the suffering natives of the country from which the raw materials were stolen.

At least that's how Barack Obama sees the world and it's why he stopped all drilling in America but gave Brazil and Mexico money so that THEY could drill in their country.

Actually it's the reason why Obama does a lot of things and yes, it's not only very wrong, it's very scary.

Cause if this guy wins this upcoming election this country will be no more. Oh America will exist but who knows who will be govern us. If Barack has his way, we won't be governing ourselves.

D'Souza convincingly leads us through the many strange actions by Obama, and how it all reverts back to President Obama's bitterness over a father who was taken away from him so young and a father he adored.

Said father a bigamist and dead from an auto accident that occurred when he was drinking and driving.

But I digress about Obama's heroes.

There was one very, very intriguing revelation during this movie (well there were many such revelations but this one really woke me up) and during the entire viewing a horrific series of thoughts formed to fruition in my musing mind.

First, it was revealed that President Obama's stepfather, Lolo Sotero once had an argument with Obama's mother. He shouted, to the effect, that it was "YOUR" people (meaning Americans) who caused the problems in Indonesia.

Stanley Ann screamed in return that they were not "MY" people.

So Obama's mother didn't consider America her country or fellow American's her people?

Lord how on earth, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, did this man get elected president of my country?

As I watched a thought kept growing in my mind. So okay, Obama's president, he's sending money to Brazil and Mexico so they can drill but shuts down our drilling in this country. So okay he continually and without compunction drives up the national debt so as to bankrupt this country and as part of a mission to destroy its power. So okay, Obama is going to reduce our nuclear missile stock that such an action would weaken us militarily.


I thought, silly me, that we had some sort of system of power checking going on in this country and yet here we have one guy single-handedly destroying the country.

I thought this was all handled by our three branches of government.

But of course there is a political party supporting this guy and folks, if we ever get through this no Democrat should ever be elected dog catcher again.

For it was the Democrats who let this horrible stuff happen. The only thing the Democrats stopped Obama from doing was trying that Khalid guy in New York and only then because NY mobster-senator Chuck U. Schumer didn't want his state's tourism disrupted.

We tried to get rid of that oppressive Obamacare via yet another branch of government that failed us, the Supreme Court.

Said court not making a ruling at all on what, to my non-lawyer eyes, is clearly illegal. Another branch of government fails to provide a "check" or a "balance" to runaway government.

Not only did the movie end leaving me scared and a bit depressed, I left knowing that it wasn't just Obama that allowed so much to change to this country's detriment. I left with the sinking feeling that our country's vaunted separation of powers failed us when we needed it most.

There are two solutions and both of them have to happen simultaneously. First, voters have to throw this guy out of office, "let him go" to quote Clint Eastwood. Second, the opposition party, in this case the Republicans, have got to stop with their sniffing elitism scolding us for wanting a sensible immigration system (ole Jeb Bush), demanding that we not speak bad about the President (Bill Kristol), refusing to even mention the president's middle name (John McCain).

These GOP Blue Blood elites do like their jobs. I don't for one minute believe none of them knew that Dodd and Frank were playing socialism by giving free houses to Crystal and her part-time pimp.

We've got to get those who think being elected gives them the right to tell us how to live thrown out of office.

In short, we've not only got to throw Obama out, we've got to throw as many Democrats as possible out of there and we've got to make the Republicans act like they care about this country more than their next cocktail party invite.

The best way to save this country for now is through the ballot box. We've got one chance to get it straight.

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