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It's now the first day, or what was supposed to be the first day, of the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida.


You couldn't make this stuff up.

First, while hurricane Isaac is not going to hit Tampa directly, it will provide rain and wind for at least today and part of tomorrow. Tomorrow, Tuesday, 8/27/12, the convention begins in earnest.

BUT….in another big shard of serendipity, Isaac is bearing down on….NEW ORLEANS!

And, showing God has a sense of weird humor, it will likely hit on the EXACT date that the infamous Hurricane Katrina hit seven years ago.

I have an entire Blog devoted to Hurricane Katrina and I'll for sure add this story.

For the Repubs, heh, they're nervous. Because George Dubya Bush allowed the Lamestream Media lambaste him all to hell for what was essentially a failing of the local gubmint, a local gubmint controlled entirely by DEMOCRATS!

Hey, I say if the Democrats get away with it, more power to them. Let's hope the pubs learned a lesson from the era of Dubya Bush and will strike back when their viciousness and lies start.

Here it is seven years after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. The massive flooding was caused by a weak infrastructure cared for by the Democrats for many years, NOT the hurricane proper. All of America watched the very lazy who did not get out of the city when warned. We got eyeballs out here in la la land and we saw people on rooftops and being hoisted by crane and they all had plenty of time to get outta there.

But it's all the fault of Dubya, or so went the mantra.

Now the pubs are scared because they can't be seen having a party while, gasp…..big fat lazy people get rescued off of rooftops because they didn't heed the warning to get out of town.

It's always on the pubs, the Dems do everything perfectly.

But here we go, with the Democratic and Republican convention now upon, my prediction for who's going to win this presidential race.

Come on, it ain't rocket science folks.

President Obama is, allegedly, tied with Romney in most of the polls.

Aw, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Obama is the INCUMBENT! He should be running away with this thing, or, at the least, have a substantial lead.

Now that Romney, never the favorite of the Tea Party Republican base, has named Paul Ryan as his VP choice, AND with all the exposure of this event and the convention, the polls begin to change.
They're tired, so the polls and Lamestream Media claim.

Folks, Obama and Romney are not tied, they are not.

For this coming election's going to be a landslide on the level of epic proportions. And it ain't going to be Obama getting all the votes.

That's right, I said it!

How sad.

As I deduce, the congressional black caucus told the Democrats that there will either be a black man running on the Democratic ticket for the presidency or they will pull their support from the party. African-Americans makes up some 13% of the Democratic party base. The Democrats could not afford to risk it, much less for someone not loved so much at the time, Hillary Clinton.

There are plenty of African-American leaders who could have risen to the task, who could have led the ship of state. It didn't have to be a Communist Muslim guy like Obama.

Now Americans are kind fair people, no matter how often the silly shrillness of lying liberals call us racists for criticizing the President. They tell the pollsters that they personally like Obama (which they don't but what's it hurt to say so?) but have some issues with his policies.

Ya think?

The country's falling apart and Obama meanwhile very publicly condemns success and the fabric of this country.

Americans are not stupid. They're not going to vote Obama and they're not going to vote Obama...BIG.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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