Project Runway 2012-Taking a Up Close Look At the Contenders Now That the Dust Has Settled

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Oh my goodness Project Runway this most recent Thursday was a couple of things, none of them all that good.

It was a huge commercial for L'Oriel and hey, folks, I dye my hair too. But the entire show was a commercial for hair dye and this viewer saw through it.

I also believe that there was some big scripting on this episode because before last night my favorite, Ven, was running away with this thing.

The challenge on the episode aired on 8/23/12 was for the contenders to do a fashion overhaul of a bunch of "friends" of the fashion victims. So I might be one of the "friends" recommending an overhaul of MY friend/cousin/relative/spouse or whatever.

The contenders weren't all that fond of this challenge in that, go with me here, the fashion victims were "ordinary" women, ie some of them had a few curves.

It's much easier to outfit a polished fashion model than an "every day" type of female who's got real hips and breasts.

Ven was scripted to be a designer who shows his disdain of his plus-sized friend of a friend very openly and I don't believe it all for a minute.

There the woman is getting fitted by Ven. He is shown very ostentatiously complaining about the belt he got being "too small", pointing out the problems with her larger hips and legs and all the while whining that this is his first "ordinary" woman he's ever had to design for.

Oh come on.

I don't believe such thoughtless expression of these uncomplimentary things so easily flowed out of Ven's mouth. Ven strikes me as a soft-spoken friendly sort who would be very conscious of the feelings of one so nearby.

I do believe that Ven was scripted to say these things because we can't have him running off with this contest, can we? We have to make him a bit evil, no, just to keep the contest interesting?

Indeed Ven's design was one of the bottom three. While his look wasn't one of my favorites, I didn't think it deserved to be in the bottom three. Indeed I am about the same size as his model and I'd wear the outfit Ven designed, below.

The judges complained it wasn't appropriate for work and perhaps not. But who said she had to wear it to work.

Further the judges railed on praising a design by Dmitri that I thought was boring as all get out, below.

I did like the winner of this challenge, Fabio's design, below.

Nathan's design below looks very similar to the dress submitted by Dmitri and yet the judges carried on like the dress was only fit for a slaughtered pig.

But I'm done my grousing and we continue to watch Project Runway 2012 with eager eyes and we will report our snark on this Blog. So check us out and see what we think of how it's all going along.

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