Bachelor Pad 2012-All Over the Place. Fans Competing? What's With Jillian's Ed? Why All the Love for Emily's Chris?

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So ABC's Bachelor Pad  , a "Big Brother" wannabe using the call of former Bachelor/Bachelorette to attract viewers.

I'm proof it worked.

To begin with we have Chris, the fellow who was handed a brutal broken heart by Bachelorette Emily this past season.

I'm lost as to why Chris is such a chick magnet in the Pad as Chris seems to be. He's not particularly handsome though he doesn't need a paper bag over his head. He seems to have a sour temper and disposition to me judging by his solo camera vignettes on Emily's Bachelorette season.

Now that Chris is in the Pad he's got the babes all fighting for him. They all need to watch what they wish for.

Michael Stagliano was the winner of the last Bachelor Pad. He's back again although his online Bio alleges that he is only in the contest this time to find the love of his life.


There's nowhere else for this nice fellow who we know has a bundle of cash to find a female besides The Bachelor Pad?

It was Melodrama 101 during Stagliano's season as he relentlessly sought his former girlfriend' Holly's return. Michael didn't get it and now, per his Bio, he claims to care not a whit about his money, he is determined to meet his wife.

If I were Michael's friend I'd suggest he take some of that money he won and ask a nice female out on a date. It's not like meeting females on the Bachelor/Bachelorette has worked out well for him after all.

And then there's Ed.

Ed was Jillian's choice when she was Bachelorette.

Like so many of these trumped up shomances, it didn't work out for Ed and Jillian.

Now that Ed's on the Bachelor Pad, maybe we know why.

On the very first episode of Bachelor Pad Ed, it would seem, had a little too much to drink. Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison had an awful time detailing game rules as Ed drunkenly gamboled in the pool and ran roughshod in his underwear.

Hmmmmm. Maybe Ed's drinking was the problem with him and Jillian. I mean come on, that's what the average viewer is likely to conclude from that bizarre showing.

This season's Bachelor Pad had something new, as is often done on these types of shows. Now staying in the Bachelor Pad are several "fans", "one" of which was a set of identical twins who drove everyone nuts.

The Bachelor fans staying in the Bachelor Pad all compete in the challenges as issued during each episode. In the case of the identical twins, one twin would compete as the other sat out. There was a large part of one recent episode that was almost comical in its feature of these rather immature twinlings as they fought over every little thing, then made up, only to begin fighting all over again. At some point the twins both decided to leave (accordingly the twins were fighting as one wanted to stay and one wanted to leave) and that was cute.

I think having a couple of fans compete in the Bachelor Pad to be a cute idea and these fans are every bit as handsome/pretty as the contenders who were once on a Bachelor/Bachelorette series. What's interesting is how many so-called "veterans" took umbrage at the fans and wanted to immediately vote them off the Pad. They did, in fact, vote off Donna, a Super Fan, for no discernible reason that I could see save she wasn't one of "them".

There's been the obligatory romps through hot fudge and whipped cream. The females all wear the little bikinis like they do on these shows. There was also, of course, Ed in his underwear.

There are a couple of contenders that are interesting to watch. One is contender Erica, a nasty one she, and it should be interesting to follow Michael and see how his quest for love goes. I'm sure Ed will provide viewers with some entertainment. He's featured in a lot of the Pad interactions and there seems to be a move to push him off.

We'll be watching this show and posting follow-ups. Come back to this Blog and check it out.

Bachelor Pad airs on Mondays, ABC, at 9pm

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