Let's Take a Look, and Snark a Bit, Over this Dancing With Stars All Star Edition

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It was bound to happen.

Big Brother, Survivor, so many competitive reality shows are featuring All Star editions.

It's only good marketing after all.

For America becomes familiar with the winners and runners-up of these shows. Spread the word that they are returning and curiosity is piqued.

We'll be watching this interesting series on Dancing With the Stars. For now, let's look at the list, peak at their pics and offer any germane commentary on same, as is our wont.

. Pamela Anderson
• Kelly Monaco
• Melissa Rycroft
• Shawn Johnson
• Kirstie Alley
• Bristol Palin
• Joey Fatone
• Drew Lachey
• Emmitt Smith
• Apolo Anton Ohno
• Gilles Marini
• Helio Castroneves

So takes take a look at some of these contenders for the title of 2012 Dancing With the Stars All Stars.

Melissa's a woman known for pretty much nothing except having been rejected by the fellow who picked her to be his bride on Bachelorette. Which was, I assert, entirely scripted and staged. Rycroft is a nice enough person but she's a bit of a deceiver.

Kirstie Alley, well we shall how skinny she stayed after her last run on DWS. On which she ended up quite high in the standings for a chubby lady.

Apolo Ohno….great addition to this roster. Look for this fellow to go to great heights.

Gilles Marini….was on that failing liberal sack of crap show "Brothers and Sisters". He is a most handsome fellow and if nothing else, he will be easy on female eyes.

Helio Castroneves ….races cars and he too can cut a step or two on the dance floor.

Joey Fatone….here's a guy that went on to bigger and better things after his stint on DWS. So he returns, a desperate fellow trying to remain germane in the world of entertainment. He, along with another desperate fellow, Drew Lachey, will be falling all over each other to remain just another week.

Bristol Palin….so okay I do quite like Sarah Palin but let me be perfectly clear here, I'm a bit tired of her kids. Bristol got herself all involved with some loser-burger, had a baby with the creep, and somehow she goes on to fame and fortune? I will not be rooting for Bristol though, for now, I'll be kind and not root against her. By me she needs to stay home and take care of child. Reality shows and dance contests are not the stuff of good parenting.

Emmitt Smith was a very good dancer during his stint and here's hoping he does well on this round.

Kelly Monoco is one of the better dancers of this group and Shawn Johnson, a young thing, will too be one to beat.

As for those audience voted additions to the contender roster, here they are. 

So we'll be watching this series with eager eyeballs. Check this Blog for weekly updates as the contest unfolds.

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