Delaware Primaries Coming Up; Let's Take a Look at Some of the Local Races

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There's a couple of interesting primary elections coming up on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Let's take a look at some of the candidates, particularly in the greatest place in the world to live, Sussex county. Let's also make some predictions, just for the sport of it.

There are five seats on the Sussex county council. I will be discussing two of the candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the seat in their councilmatic district.

Don Ayotte is running for the Republican nomination so he can run against Joan Deaver, current Sussex county Representative for the third council district.

Donald R. Ayotte (R) 20501 Gravel Hill Rd., Georgetown DE. 19947 302-344-4433 Date Filed 02/14/2012 Email: Web Page: HERE

John Christensen is running against Sam Wilson ("what would Jesus do?") in the second Sussex county councilmatic district.

I am campaign treasurer for both of the above guys and yes, I'm prejudiced. This is my Blog not the NBC evening news. Though the big networks too are in favor of certain candidates with initials BHO though they don't announce it up front like I did.

Joan Deaver is a Democrats. Right there is reason enough to kick her out. If you need more reasons, how about her silly attempt to change the language from "Easter Holiday" to "Spring Vacation".

It's a small thing and no one would get the vapors if the wording should be changed as Joan would like. I'll not pass out cold at having to refer to that early spring week long fete as spring vacation. But folks, it's a sign. It's a sign of what planet Deaver's calling in from.

Heed the sign and let's get that woman out of there cause she's a liberal and she hides in Sussex county as if she was queen of the local Tea Party.

Don is running against Brent Wangen, another Republican vying to run against Deaver.

I predict that Don will beat Wangen if for no other reason than Wangen jumped into the race a bit too late.

As for beating Joan Deaver, well it is my hope that Ayotte is able to take her down. I know that Don's been working hard to win the nomination, knocking on doors and attending county council sessions to acquaint himself with the job.

But Deaver, however flaming liberal, is an incumbent and does treat her constituents well, at least as I hear it.

I call a race between Ayotte and Deaver a toss up for now.

As for Christensen and Wilson, I don't think Sam Wilson's going to lose his seat. Sam's been around about forever but he shows signs of becoming part of the elected elite that us heathens in the Tea Party want to oust.

But Sam's got the respect of a lot of the evangelicals here in Sussex county and for the most part he's a nice guy. I'd be surprised if Christensen beats Sam in the primary.

John J. Christensen (R) 513 S. Bedford St., Georgetown DE. 19947 302-249-8694 Date Filed 06/04/2012 Email:

One of the tighter and more exciting races locally is the showdown between Joe Booth and Eric Bodenweiser.

THIS race is the stuff political junkees dream of.

First, I'm a friend of Eric's and I have his sign on my lawn.

Which is not to say I had any issues with Joe Booth, the fellow Eric is challenging in the primary for state senator of the 19th senatorial district in Sussex county. That would be my district.

The issue I have mightily against Joe Booth does not involve his skill as a legislator as he's been my state senator for eight years now. Before that he was my representative in Delaware's House.

Eric Bodenweiser almost beat Joe in the last election cycle. Right after all the election hoo-hah was over with ole Joe got himself some kind of public relations job at Sussex Tech.

Talk about impropriety. Or the appearance of same at the least. Further, ole Joe rather sneakily held the announcement of his $60K a year job for Sussex Tech until a week AFTER the last election though it was known well before.

This is exactly the sort of actions we do NOT want the political elites to do. We looked away for a couple of years as we carried this country on our back and next thing you know Joe Biden's son is Delaware State's Attorney and Mike Castle became a Democrat in everything but party affiliation.

No. We want our elected guys to NOT be getting jobs on the public dime, at least while they're in office for God's sake.

Joe Booth showed very bad taste with that little action and here's hoping the voters of the 19th state senatorial district send him packing.

Address. 9 LYNCHS LANE GEORGETOWN, DE 19947. Telephone(s). 302-856- 9395. Email Address.
Eric's web site here

Matthew Opaliski is a fellow I'd love to have on hand during an electrical outage of a few hours. Because I'm a bit of a political junkee and Opaliski knows his politics. Especially politics of the Delaware kind.

Matt is running for state senator from Delaware's 18th senatorial district. He will be running in the Republican primary against the current sitting state senator from that district, Republican Gary Simpson.

Folks, Gary Simpson is a nice guy and a kind grandfather. I know Gary, met him a couple of times.

But this is a guy who doesn't vote for the greater good of average Delawarians although the Wilmington Democrats like Gary right well.

Simpson has voted for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, some trumped up form of that liberal nonsense about global warming and a sort of cap and trade nonsensical thing only thing it's gonna do is make Delmarva Power a fortune while possibly doubling your cost of electricity.

In fact Simpson is making a lot of votes the liberals Delaware like that I'm thinking he might be related to Mike Castle.

I say to the voters in Delaware's 18th state senatorial district that it's time to boot out this man who's evidently NOT on your side, judging by his votes. Fortunately for those same voters, Matt Opaliski is registered and will be on the ballot to accept your votes.

Right now I think it's a 50-50 chance that Matt will beat Simpson in the primary. However, Simpson has the incumbent advantage. Simpson's district has been re-adjusted a little bit and he's now not representing a bunch of misguided Lewes liberals.

Contact: Opaliski Campaign PO Box 695. Greenwood, De 19950. Matthew A. Opaliski Candidate, Delaware Senate District 18 302.349.9356, 302.236.5337 …

Matt's web site here

My goodness, goodness, could we even begin to not mention the most exciting race in Sussex county. This would be the down-to-the-wire campaign of Ernesto Lopez and Glen Urquhart.

Glen ran for the position in America's House of Representatives that was vacated by Mike Castle when he ran for the Senator position vacated by Joe Biden. He did not win but since then Glen's served as Chairman of the Sussex county GOP and by me he's did a fine job.

I think Glen is a perfect Tea Party type to represent the new Delaware state senator district 6. His wife, Angela, is one of the nicest, calmest candidate's wife in this year's primaries.

Which is not to say that Mr. Lopez is not a nice guy because he is. But hey, I've got some real issues with Lopez, beginning with THE MAN ALREADY HAS A JOB WORKING FOR THE STATE!

I'm already a bit tired of these politicos thinking they have a right to a couple of jobs working for the gubmint, witness Joe Booth, so I'm sure not doing to espouse electing someone already working for the state. When asked how he would manage his job working for the University of Delaware, Lopez kind of shrugs and says he'll work it out with the powers that be.

I don't think so.

Lopez' time will come. After this election, which I think Glen Urquhart will win fairly easily, Ernesto needs to get himself involved with the Sussex county GOP (rumor is that Lopez is backed by the Wilmington GOP but I've no proof of this), do some work on the ground, and run for office when's he'll no longer be beholden to TWO Delaware gubmint masters.

Glen for Senate Web Site HERE

Finally, Kevin Wade is one of my favorite people and this year's Kevin's all involved with a very interesting race to replace Delaware aging and somewhat absent-minded Senator Carper.

Now I realize the politicos want to make the rules that they shall hold their elected office forever and ever, even after they're dead.

It's time, folks, for Carper, who oddly only holds telephonic Town Hall Meetings, why is this, to go.

In another happening tidbit about this race, turns out that one Alex Pires, part owner of Dewey Beach's Rusty Rudder and other area enterprises, is ALSO running against Carper. Pires is running as an Independent.

I don't think Pires has a prayer of winning this thing. Frankly I don't think Wade is going to win this contest.

I call this race for Carper but that call is not a happy one.

Wade for Senator HERE

Below are the links for the endorsements I wrote for Bodenweiser, Opaliski and Ayotte for the web site

Ayotte Endorsement

Eric Bodenweiser endorsement.

Opaliski endorsement.

Let's end this Delaware post with a smile.  Below, so okay, Mike Castle worked so hard to bring Fiskar to Delaware.


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