Project Runway 2012-Ven's Got This Thing Wrapped Up Even So Early As This

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Project Runway 2012 continues on and contenders are dropping out, one contender is running off with the prize, and yon reader will find it hard to believe, but the drama goes on nonstop.

Christopher and Ven are pulling away from the pack. My favorite is Ven and I predict he will win. I reserve my right to re-predict should future episodes require.

So far the design contenders have introduced their look to begin the series. They've had to design an outfit made out of candy, they were challenged to create an outfit suitable for the Award shows and more recently, they were to design a happening dress for today's woman on-the-go.

Christopher's on-the-go Design

Christopher won the challenge of designing for a woman on-the-go and I must suggest that his outfit was very cool, something, were I of proper age and weight, would wear in a second.

Any fool can see this is shaping up to be a contest between Ven and Christopher, with both having risen to the top for separate challenges. Ven, who looks nothing like anyone would consider a fashion designer, has a penchant for sharp, permanent pleats, an appreciation for the angular, a feminine yet geometric look. He seems to like softer colors, a feminine flair, a softness incongruous with Ven's physical mass.

But Ven designs for women and my guess is women will like his designs.

The contender with the leopard print hair lost the challenge of designing for the busy working moms of our day. I thought anyone with the audacity to have leopard spots imprinted on their scalp would be an outasight fashion designer. Alas Buffy's design for the proverbial bringing-home-the-bacon kind of gal was a hideous cloak of sheer loosely draped over a short zebra-striped type of thing. It wasn't cute, clever or even original.

Contender Raoul was sent home, AGAIN, for his awful ruffly blouse for a Marie Claire fashion spread.

I must ask, why on earth did they bring this fellow back to begin with?

Speaking of hair, this current crop of contenders to win Project Runway 2012 have the most outrageous hairstyles of any group of my memory.

We've got dreadlocks, those leopard spots, some blue hair, some purple hair, hair sheared all over save a long stretch of hair directly on top of the head.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm jus' sayin'.

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