Big Brother 2012 Rocks On. "Coaches" Now Contenders, One Evicted; More.

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So Janelle, a coach turned player on this season 14 of CBS' Big Brother was recently evicted in what the Big Brother House residents call a "backdoor" job. Which is, based on the content of the expression, an eviction that comes a complete surprise to the evictee.

Gentle Wil was evicted the following week. While the eviction of Janelle made sense, Wil's eviction made no sense to me, especially since he was up against loud mouth dishonest Joe.

Wil and Joe

This week handsome Shane put up Boogie and Frank for eviction and sanity returns. These nominations make sense to me.

But yes, I don't mind taking a moment to discuss the current contenders left fighting it out in the Big Brother House, now that you mention it.

Ashley-not an aggressive player, at least so far. Could go to end with a caring protector like Shane to get her through.

Danielle-a nurse who wants to keep her occupation hidden for God only knows why. Has an attraction to Shane but Shane's playing to win.

Frank-put up on the block so many times and still he hangs in there. If I were living in the BB house right now, I'd putting all my effort to getting Frank out of there.
Ian-the very definition of a Big Brother Geek, do not discount Ian's ability to go far in this contest. Ian's a Big Brother fanatic, or so goes his story. He knows the ins and outs and he can politic as good as any of them. Ian's a dark horse to win this thing.

Joe-very big mouth, got lots of kids left at home, a Big Brother fan. He's not very agile or even all that smart. Joe's major talent is lying to others and shameless flattery that would save him from eviction.

Britney-former BB houseguest, smart, can win the challenges, a good one to align with for a while then look to see major effort to kick her out.

Dan-former BB houseguest, knows the ropes, can win the challenges, could go to the top two.

Mike "Boogie"-a really unlikeable guy, frankly, and one who needs to go before I slap him.

Right now I got three players I think will go to the end: Britney, Dan and Shane. Ian's my dark horse and Danielle, as dippy as she can be, could pull it off if she gets someone to pull her along.

As of this writing, both Frank and Boogie are up for eviction, Shane being the nominee. No matter who gets the tap to leave, Shane is going to be a target by the one of these two who survives.

I think Shane's going to make it to the end. I'm not sure how this is going to happen but I'm sticking to my story.

Come back and check for updates on this Blog because, opinions, yup, we got 'em.

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