America's Got Talent" 2012 Heads to a Winner. Let's Catch Up.

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So okay, we've gone through the wild cards, the YouTubes, the live acts across many cities. Somewhere in the middle of it all we even had the Olympics stop the show.

Now America's Got Talent is down to 32 contenders, list below.

Final 32

Academy of Villains-dance troop

All That-Cloggers-wild card

All Wheel Sports-trampolines, bikes, more

Andres De Leon-strange dude sings soprano-wild card

Bandbaz Brothers-wild card-no idea, absolutely nothing on the guy at the NBC web site

Ben Blaque-wild card-crossbow act

Bria Kelly-singer

Clint Carvalho-has bird named Kitty

Christian Sandu-wild card-highwire act

Garibaldi/CMYK-create paintings live on stage with music and dance

Donovan and Rebecca-silk rope acrobats

Edon-plays piano

Eric Dittelman-mind reader

Horse-King of the Nut Shots-gets hit in the groin-wild card

Jacob Williams-comedians

Jake Wesley Rogers-wildcard-musician

Jarrett and Raja-wildcard-combine magic, music and comedy

Joe Castillo-does sand stories

Lightwire Theater-glow in the dark ligh dancing

Lindsey Norton-wildcard-acrobatic dancer

Olate DOGS-dog act

Sebastian El Charo de Oro-young child sings Mexican songs

Shanice and Maurice Hays-father/daughter singing duo

Spencer Horsman-wild card-escape artist

The Magic of Puck-magic act

The Scott Brothers-cartoon style optical illusionists

The Untouchables-children's dance act

Tim Hockenberry-sing/pianist

Todd Oliver-wild card-ventriloquist with dog

Tom Cotter-comedian

Turf-rubber limb dancer

William Close-singer

Academy of Villains

Folks, I've got a prediction to make as to who will win this thing and it's a shocker.

But first, let's do an overview. We've got a couple of animal acts and every one of them are terrific. We've got the Olate dogs, Todd Oliver does a happening ventriloquist act with his dog serving as the "puppet" and yon ladies and gems, there's a bird act with a bird named "Kitty" that will blow your minds.

There's quite a few dance acts, from Academy of Villains where the dancers dress up as...well, villains. The Untouchables is a children's dance act, Turf is a rubber-limbed dancer type and one young girl with a passion for dance-Lindsey Norton.

There are comedians and high wire acts and some magic acts.

We've got a couple of singers/musicians, one of which might win. AGT does tend to attract very young singers who go on to fame. There are two such youth musical acts, one which I see as a possible winner: Bria Kelly, a young girl with an excellent voice, and Edon, a young man skilled at the piano. The judges did seem to like Tim Hockenberry, a pianist/singer but by me he's somewhat mediocre among the talent offerings this year.
Bria Kelly

One of the more intriguing acts is a young man, Andres De Leon, who dresses very goth.  He is a singer but the catch is....this fellow sings like a soprano!  Indeed his voice is very high and the minute he opens his mouth the world is shocked.  De Leon had not been voted to go on by the American viewers so he is a wild card act, saved by one of the judges.  While De Leon's singing is intriguing, he's no million dollar act.
De Leon

There's some creepy acts that I don't think should have gone this far. One is "Horse-King of the Nut Shots"-a fellow who takes painful hits and kicks to the groin and goodness I must ask how this is entertainment?

Sebastian El Charo de Oro is another act that has no business being in the semi-finals. Sebastian is a young boy who wears a huge Mexican hat and sings. Well he's cute, but no million dollar act, Lord my sensibilities are offended.

There are some very amazing acts as well.  Light show acts seem to be the latest in talent show offerings. So Lightwire Theater is an act to watch for.

There's a painting act that is quite astonishing. Garibaldi/CMYK is a fellow who paints amazing pictures as the song plays and this act is very popular with the audience.

There are also high wire acts, trampoline acts and illusionists in the mix though I don't see any winning the big prize.

The act I think will win is very different but this fellow is amazing. Eric Dittelman is billed as a "mind reader". Below is a short two minute video of one of his performances.

I can see no way how this guy does what he does except, well, he's got genuine ESP and while this seems far-fetched hey, this guy is really amazing.

We'll be watching the semi-finals on to the finals on AGT. Check in to this Blog for discerning and to-the-point updates. Below all posts on this Blog on this subject:

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