Love Blooms in the Bachelor Pad 2012. Let's Discuss Who Will Last and Who's Fake.

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There are four couples left on the 2012 Bachelor Pad and the depth and breadth of their relationship is unclear to say the least.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost somebody give Jaclyn a brain and while at it, give Ed a heart. These two are a "couple" on the show and they had a long discussion on the most recent episode aired 8/27/12. The discussion was about the proper "name" for their relationship. Are they a "team" or are they a "couple" or are they just friends?

Ed already told Jaclyn in front of everyone that he was still enamored of a girl back home. On their one on one date, Ed again goes over his relationship with this girl back home. I don't think I've ever heard such gobbly talk where Ed said he left his girl back home but he still thinks about her but he told this girl he was going on the show as a single but he still has feelings for her.

If I were Jaclyn I'd run from this guy fast as I could in my heels. Yet she agrees to spend the night with him, please, this woman is so dumb the word dumb does not do her justice.

Then there's Chris, Emily's rejection on the Bachelorette. Chris gives off an air of both superiority and anger. During his on screen vignettes he comes off as sneaky and conniving. Chris is paired with Sarah and heh, those two won that hilarious spelling bee that showed us all out here in la la land across the fruited plains watching this show just how dumb these contenders are.

There HAD been Kalon, he of helicopter fame, and Lindzi. They both were voted out and there seemed to be some indication that they would go on after the show. I got a bridge for sale to anyone who believes that.
Tony and Blakely are hanging in there and right there are two neurotics who make me smirk. Tony was on Emily's Bachelorette season and finally Emily had to send him home so he could be with his child who he claimed to miss more than life itself. Blakely's a drama mama of the highest order, having already had it out with Chris and goodness knows I don't think this duo will go anywhere much longer.
Nick and Rachel are a duo paired together at the last minute after Michael was voted off. Rachel began to feel affection for Michael and now she cries all the time over Michael, adding boo hoos to the sound set on Bachelor Pad.

I think Ed might win this thing as he seems to be scripted into every scene and challenge. Ed was the fellow chosen by Bachelorette Jillian but like so many before them, that relationship broke up.

But keep an eye on Chris because this is a guy with strength, determination and a set of chin that makes me thinks he's drop dead serious.

We'll be keeping an eye on this series and goodness knows we've got lots more snark to offer up. Tune in to keep up the details of Bachelor PAd 2012.

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