Emmys 2012-A Little Late But We Got a Fashion Report and Some Snark, As Expected

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I thought "Game Change" to have been one of the worst movies I've ever watched. Further, what the hell kind of category is it that gives an Emmy for a MOVIE?

As I understand it, the category was "mini-series/movie" category, a mismashed term if ever there was one. Frankly I think this category was made up in order to give this ridiculous movie some kind of award cause the Oscars walked right past it.

I don't know who those traitorous consultants were who wrote the lie known as "Game Change" but I bet they were promised an award, even if they had to make up an award for it.

As for "Modern Family", well it's okay.

But it's not all that.

"Modern Family" has a dynamic cast that in an odd way does resemble today's modern, diverse and ever-changing family. This comedy, which has won the best comedy emmy for several years now, also features, but of course, a gay couple who have adopted a little Vietnamese child.

I can't help but think that the TV industry wanted to promote any movie which cast Sarah Palin in a bad light and they will, but of course, rain plaudits on any television vehicle that features same-sex couples living normal married lives just as they will the day when Muslims can legally have four wives, or when someday I can legally marry my dog.

Hey, mess with the marriage laws and the situation comedies write themselves.

Anyway, about the Emmy fashion…..
There was a lot of yellow.
Worst dressed:

Lena Dunham wears my first birthday party dress

Best Dressed:

Gennifer Goodwin wears a funky, original and NOT yellow hit.

Amy Pollard comes in second place for Best dressed....below.

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