Dancing With the Stars All Stars 2012 Begins and It's Great; Some Predictions and Snark.

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So we have "Dancing With the StarsAll Stars edition" and I like it.

It goes without saying that the dancing is top notch and I do quite enjoy seeing competitors return that I've come to know so well in the past.

For now, I've got some comments on a few of the dancers.

Bristol Palin was a mixed bag.

First, she looked terrific. As I recall Bristol was battling a weight problem during her last dance effort. She now looks perfectly proportioned and is very beautiful.

I was very surprised to find that Bristol was one of the bottom three as I thought she danced very well. It's obvious, I type softly, that Bristol has lost what was once a large amount of cover from Tea Party types across the fruited plains.

At this time I do still like Sarah Palin but she's disappeared from my political radar as any kind of future leader. I'd have supported Sarah Palin had she chose to throw her hat in the ring. She did not, choosing a reality show about Alaska and a pundit gig on Fox.

I don't fault her for choosing the best course for her and goodness knows the media went crazy to try and destroy the woman. But this relieves me of any obligation to close in protectively on Sarah's children and family as so many of us once did as a sort of strike back against the campaign to destroy this innocent woman.

We voted for Bristol in droves even if she wasn't the best dancer during the last competition with her as contender. Way we figured, the Lamestream media would get their rabid dumbbells who vote for Obama to vote in droves AGAINST young Bristol. So many of us voted FOR her to help stave off such a massive act of unfairness.

Now, Bristol's on her own. Based on her dancing I don't think Bristol deserved to be in the bottom three. Bur for sure she's not getting votes just based on her last name.

I had to smile at Gilles Marini, who is still very handsome and still dances very well.

But I got laugh. "Brothers and Sisters" was one of the silliest liberal programs on television and us folks don't like liberal programs.

How'd that work out for you, Gilles?

"Brothers and Sisters" had a great lead in-Desperate Housewives. But Sally Field played a dumbbell mother of a bunch of dumbbell children….sheesh it was pure pap.

So Gilles dances again and we wish him luck.

Pam Anderson got booted off on the first night of DWS All Stars, as well she should have been.

Besides this woman's big fake boobs, for what is she known for?

She looked like a hooker on the downturn to me and her dancing was so ugly I almost threw up.

Kirstie Alley….sheesh, anybody thinks this woman can dance I got a bridge to sell….CHEAP.

Oh she does all right for a big gal...who is now significantly smaller I'll allow. But she's sure not all that and will definitely not win this thing.

Melissa Rycroft….heh. Here's a contender whose claim to fame is being publicly rejected and humiliated by a Bachelor. Rycroft will soon be a has been, at best she will be a bit player on the entertainment stages. She's an okay dancer. She hasn't a prayer of winning.

So far I'm quite into young Mr. Apollo. I think he's got a bunch of talent and will be one to watch for.

Which brings me to Emmitt Smith and he's my favorite contender, this series and of all DWS history. I really loves his green shoes.

Emmitt's not young and he's not skinny.

But he's got a way about him that makes one watching his fluid dance moves feel as if he or she too was dancing fluidly across the floor.

Emmitt….I hope you win.

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