Finding Nemo 3D-An Old Favorite Dusted Off and Dolled Up

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So granddaughter and daughter plan a visit for a weekend and that always requires an afternoon at the movies.

"Finding Nemo" is playing at the Midway," I tell daughter.

"Oh I'd love to watch Finding Nemo in 3D. That is one of my all-time favorite movies and Kaitlyn loved it. But to see it in 3d would be great."

Well I was surprised.

First, I thought Finding Nemo was a new movie but when daughter mentioned that it had been released before I recalled seeing the movie before myself.

I realized that I too had seen the movie before but yeah, seeing it in 3d would be cool. Kaitlyn was okay with the idea as movie visits always warrant a visit to Play McDonalds.

Popcorn and cokes in hand, we watched the movie and after only ten minutes into the movie I realized that I had never seen this entire movie before.

I had seen pictures of Nemo, of course, what with that Disney type character being practically a cultural icon. I just ASSumed I'd seen it before.

"Finding Nemo" is a cute story about a little clown fish who somehow ended up in an aquarium of some dentist. It's a typical Disney type of animated film, good parts, scary parts, happy endings.

The funniest part was the shark who was politically corrected into NOT eating fish. The fish, so his new brainwashed self asserted, were his friends.

First billed stars :
Albert Brooks... Marlin (voice)

Ellen DeGeneres... Dory (voice)

Alexander Gould ... Nemo (voice)

Willem Dafoe ... Gill (voice)

Brad Garrett ... Bloat (voice)

Allison Janney ... Peach (voice)

As I understand it this movie was released in 2003. Goodness that's almost ten years ago!

I only wryly noticed one thing about this movie. Like so many animated movies, there seems to be an attempt to in some manner or fashion to try and make the animated character look like someone. Most times the animators add a physical characteristic of the voice's owner that is hard to miss. In the case of Dory, the fish who helped Nemo's father find him, I could see Ellen DeGeneres from miles away. The fish has that little dimple thing at the side of its mouth plus the chiclet front teeth so like Ellen.

As for the 3d….well this effect always adds to movie viewing pleasure. But to be honest I never much paid attention to the 3d effects. Since this was the first time I'd seen the story I was mesmerized by the tale as much as pretty screen effects.

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