Project Runway 2012 Down to Final Five; Serious Predictions; Serious Snark

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And the Final Five are: Christopher, Sonja, Dmitri, Fabio, Melissa.


It's now the final four.  Last night, 10/4/12 Sonja was eliminated.

These final four will be moving on to the coveted fashion week and will soon be designing their collections.

I still think Christopher will win this thing.

Meanwhile, let's talk about that toddler fashion challenge.

It was a most interesting fashion challenge. The remaining six designers were to design an outfit both for a young toddler AS WELL AS its mother.

Christopher, who is the only of the remaining contenders to win more than one fashion challenge, designed a pretty little girl's dress and a nice dress for her Mom to stand out-below:

Dmitri's outfits, below, are okay. The child's outfit might be a bit confusing but it's important to understand that the "hood" on that outfit is ALSO a cape! Kids love the cape effect, or so goes the story.

Elena was sent home after submitting the below designs. The toddler's little jacket is kind of cute. But the judges determined that the outfit, in toto, was too fussy. While the mother's outfit was very plain.

Fabio's design for the toddler is way cute. Fabio even designed that cute little hat!

Melissa's vest for the little girl, below, was deemed to be clever and cute. But the plain white sheath type dress on the child was determined to be too simple and exposed the diaper when the child bent over. The mother's outfit was also boring.

Sonja's outfit, below, was the winner for this challenge. Sonja designed a cute clever little suit for the active boy, but her design for his Mom and how well it matches is a real smile.

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