Survivor Philippines: Child Stars and Just Plain Children Dot This Survivor Series

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So the women still wear their brief bathing suits on Survivor Philippines as is done on all Survivor series even though the sun must shine hotly and a simpler one piece affair might be better for the tasks.

But I snark on because nothing much changes. Under the guise of immunity competitions and elimination contests, the ladies wear skimpy attire as it might be considered needed but folks, it's not.

The girls where these abbreviated things for the titillation of our male brethren and for no other reason.
The Kalabaw Tribe
The Tandang Tribe

Not that there's anything wrong with this.

The series is beginning to generate interest in the contenders and I'm intrigued.

Ugly Zane and vapid Angie have been sent home. Tough Roxie got the boot as well. There are now three tribes: Kalibaw, Matsing, and Tandang.

The contests now involve three tribes, so two tribes may go forward. The first place tribe in whatever is being challenged often gets a special prize. Second place keeps that tribe from being part of any kind of elimination, and there's often a smaller prize offered. Third place is the losing tribe and all that this entails.

As the contest goes on the tribes will probably be combined down to two and eventually the remaining contenders will be melded into one tribe.

At least that's how these things usually go.

The personalities of the various contenders begins to emerge. Russell, a former Survivor contender sent home for sickness, is a bit of a hot head.

Lisa Whelchel, former star of "Facts of Life" is a cry baby of the highest order.
RC and Child Star Lisa Whelchel

The Matsing tribe is pretty bad, having by now lost the first three immunity challenges.

Russell is a liability almost, to his tribe.
The above was written before last night's (10/10/12)episode. Heh. Matsing LOST AGAIN.

Watching those three remaining losers was almost painful.

Russell, God Bless, got sent home and I saw this coming a mile away, witness my line above the dashed lines above.

It's time for Survivor to do something off or outrageous, like bring in family, have some weird contest, something different like these types of shows do.

We shall see.

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