There's Really Something Odd About Joshua, His Sudden Return, and Now He's One of the Top 2 on MasterChef 2012?

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The most notable thing about MasterChef 2012 was the fact that one of the two contenders, Joshua, had been eliminated then was brought back.

Joshua didn't win the MasterChef title. That title was won by cute Christine, who also happens to be blind.

Let's ponder what the hell happened with Joshua.
The final 3:Joshua, Christine, Becky

Why was he allowed to return after he'd been eliminated by the same judges who brought him back?

This is not the only competitive reality type show that does this sort of thing. Project Runway brought back some terrible contender that had been eliminated but that fellow was RE-eliminated right quick.

This is often done to extend a series' length should it suddenly become very popular. And this could well have been the case with Joshua.

But Joshua made it to the final two and for a long time I considered that he might go on and win this thing. Other contenders, including Becky who was waaaaaay better than Joshua, were eliminated while the formerly eliminated Joshua kept moving up.
Becky gets a goodbye hug from Ramsay

From this very Blog:
...between Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay's new hotel renovation show, MasterChef fires back up and we now have Joshua back, a very odd thing. I don't get a competitive reality show that brings back contenders already ejected. There was no reason for bringing back Joshua although he's a perfectly nice young man and I have no issues with him as a contender. But he was eliminated by the judges and next thing you know, he's back

Whatever the case, thank goodness Joshua didn't win because a)he was way far from the best contender and no way deserved the title of MasterChef and b)Christine deserved it more and would likely have won against any final two contender.

Goodness knows Gordon Ramsay has plenty of television shows but none of them are much more than a weekly compendium of Ramsay cussing. MasterChef is a great show for amateur chefs however and there's not too much cussing.

Kudos to Christine for winning the MasterChef title.

MasterChef airs on Fox on Monday nights at 9pm

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