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It's obvious to me that the producers of Big Brother 2012want contender Dan to win this. Or, I dunno, maybe they want DanIELLE to win this year's contest.

Because that action by Danielle this past week or saving Dan with her power of veto was just too bizarre.

Shane and Danielle had it all. Danielle won the Head of Household. She nominated Dan and Ian for eviction.

So far, so good.

Insert here factoid that show's producers want us to think Shane and Danielle are having a "shomance" though I don't believe it. They are not passionate at all.

So there's a Power of Veto contest and Danielle, blessed with all the golden streams of luck from the sky, then had the power of Head of Household and with winning the POV she had the power to, well she could have done nothing, you think?

Because, duh, she'd already put up Dan and Ian for eviction. She successfully kept them from winning the veto power to remove themselves from that which Danielle had already put them.

But Danielle, at the supposed suggestion from Dan, used the POV to REMOVE DAN FROM THE BLOCK!

Oh but don't worry, Dan promised that he would vote off Ian, that Danielle was, by removing him (Dan) from the block and then putting up Shane, which was Danielle's only choice understand, that she was proving to all the world that she was not in alliance of any kind with Shane.

I must shake my head.

Danielle's love-sick puppydog crush on Shane has been a focus of the show over many weeks. Shane even chose Danielle to go with him on a date to meet the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team. This tidbit was not kept a secret from the Big Brother House residents certainly.

So why wouldn't the remaining residents consider Shane a showmance of Danielle even despite her "cover" of using her POV to put Shane up on the block.

Said other Big Brother resident at that time being Ian at any rate and the plan was for Dan to vote Ian off. So why would anybody care if only Ian were to be fooled by Danielle's action of pulling her beloved Shane from being safe to throwing him back up on the block?

I think Danielle made some kind of deal with Dan and the ending will be a big surprise.

But I guess.

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