Taking a Look at Bachelor Pad 2012's Season End. Will This Show Beat Out "Big Brother"? The Winner! Guest Writer Michelle Deals With Water Ghost.

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It's a fairly formulaic live-in type reality show, this Bachelor Pad, spinoff from the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

A bunch of "strangers" move into a big house where they share rooms, meals, and in the case of Bachelor Pad, sometimes lovers.

The lure of the Bachelor Pad is that the contenders were former would-be spouses of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes of years past.  Thus a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series would tune in to this show over, say, Big Brother.

A thorn could be, as I muse on, that if the audience didn't like a former Bachelor series contender they might carry that dislike over to the Bachelor Pad.


That' is exactly what happens.  There's always some kind of "villain" type cast for this series.  Could be Erica, who so annoyed during this 2012 series.  Could be Chris, he who lost his beloved Emily and a contender I didn't much like then and didn't much like during this Bachelor Pad series.

The Bachelor Pad finale was a real surprise.
Chris, Rachel, Nick and Sarah
Nick and Rachel were the couple nominated by the co-contenders who had shared the pad with both Nick and Rachel as well as the runners-up-Chris and Sarah.
As I speculated, Chris made too many enemies during his stay at the pad though he played a wonderful game.
After Rachel and Nick got the nomination they then retired to a room to decide how they would divide up the spoils of victory.
Each of them had two signs-"KEEP" and "SHARE".  If both chose to SHARE the quarter of a million, each would get 1/2 of the bonus.  IF one chose to KEEP the money while the other chose to SHARE, the one who chose to KEEP would get all of the money.  The catch is that should both choose to KEEP the money, then neither would get any of the winning but the money would, instead, be distributed amongst all the other Bachelor Pad attendees.

Rachel chose to share.  Nick surprised everyone by choosing the KEEP sign.  As such...NICK WON THE ENTIRETY OF THE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!

What a surprise that ending was.  Nick, up until Rachel agreed, without much enthusiasm, to partner with him after her love, Michael Stagliano was kicked out of the pad.

I thought it was a genius strategy.  Another surprise was how Nick went off on Rachel, pointing out how she didn't seem to want to partner with Nick but was stuck.  Nick complained that Rachel would threaten to up and leave as the competition was still ongoing, that she was distant and cool toward him.

Here's the irony: anyone who watched Rachel and Nick compete only saw a happening couple winning contests and cheering their success.

Nobody knew that Rachel was being such a b*tch to Nick.

Or I dunno, maybe Nick was lying about Rachel's deviousness.  Whatever the case, Rachel was angry and Nick was happy.

I was surprised and plan to watch this series more closely from now on.
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Our water poltergeist, H-2-Uh-Oh, is still alive and kicking. We had a leak in the kitchen; a drip splattered onto our linoleum from the ledge all kitchen cabinets seem to have at the base. You know that four-inch spot where the cabinet meets the floor, that's indented? There. That's where it was dripping. Harry tracked it back up to the kitchen faucet, underneath the sink. The water was running down the hose and seeping through the cabinetry.

I called a plumber. Poor guy. He scheduled about an hour to fix it.

When the plumber showed up, I was working on a computer on the kitchen table. I let him in, showed him where the water was appearing, and where Harry thought it was leaking. He went back out to his truck to get tools. I left the door open, since he'd likely be going back and forth a lot. The screen door was shut and he was careful to latch it every time he came in or out.

Which he did a lot.

I continued to work on the computer. He found the problem - one side of the faucet was leaking from the seat. This is normally an easy fix; you replace the offending seat and put everything back together. Done, right?

Wrong. He did that several times, and each time, after everything was back in place, the water flow on that side wouldn't turn off. I told him about our poltergeist, but I'm not sure he believed me.

He took both sides of the faucet apart, put them back together, and the water stayed off. Done, right?

Wrong. Now the faucet handles turned the wrong way. What was "off" before was now "on." I told him I could get used to it, but he wanted to fix it the way it had been. (Secretly I was pleased; I really didn't want to change it.)

He took everything apart again, put it back the other way, and the water wouldn't turn off. He used the shutoff valve to stop the stream and went to the hardware store. He came back, did all the work again, same result.
I told him about our poltergeist, but I'm not sure he believed me.

While he was working with the faucet, two guys came to the door. Since only the screen was closed, I had no choice but to answer it. Normally I do not answer the door for salespeople. We have no doorbell circuitry connected to the doorbell button, so they tend to push the button (which does nothing), stand there for a minute, maybe push the button again, and then go away. This time, no such option.

I answered the door. Two young guys stood just off my porch. Both wore decent clothing, but not uniforms. There was no car anywhere that I could see. The spokesman held a binder with the Dish Network logo on the front.

"Hello, ma'am. We're from Dish Network, and well, are you still one of our customers?"

Red flags. Wouldn't Dish Network, who gets a hefty payment from me every month, know whether I was still theirs? And wouldn't they have a big van with the logo all over it? "Yeeesssss," I answered slowly, my brain trying to figure out what was up with this.

"Thank you. You see, we've been losing a lot of customers to cancellations - competitors and the economy, you know, so we're working on a retention campaign."

My red flags hadn't gone away and I didn't want to be any part of their "campaign" so I said, "Have you got a question for me?" Behind me, I could tell the plumber was listening.

"Well, ma'am, we will replace all your older equipment for newer, better equipment, *and* lower your bill."

More red flags. These goons were *not* touching my equipment. I told them, "Thank you, but until Dish Network sends me a letter saying so, you're not to do anything with my equipment."

"Ma'am, it's not like I have a satellite dish in my back pocket..."

"Thank you," I said, as I shut the door. Behind me, the plumber looked rather astounded as I locked it. I told him, "No ID, no uniforms, no truck. I doubt they're with Dish Network at all." I could see the two guys outside walking away from the house.

The plumber nodded and went back to the faucet. It had now been over three hours. I told him about our poltergeist again, just in case he'd forgotten. He called a friend and begged for assistance. Within half an hour, I had two guys working on the faucet. This new guy managed to fix it fairly quickly. The handles turned the right way, and the water flow was on and off, as expected. The new guy left while the original guy wrote up the bill. He didn't charge me for all that "extra" time on such an easy task. This time, I didn't remind him about the poltergeist.

After he left, I called Dish Network. There is no retention campaign and they thanked me for letting them know. Either those goons were one of their competitors or they just wanted to case my house for what kind of good stuff I might have in it. Either way, good not to let them in.

I don't want my stuff leaking out the front door.

That was awhile ago, and I spent the first few days

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