Amazing Race2012 Begins to Heat Up With Predictions Possible. So We Made Some.

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I've watched all the episodes of "Amazing Race" so far and I'm learning about such as roadblocks and detours. So far as I've been able to ascertain roadblocks must be done by ONE of the team while detours offer a choice of challenges to be joined by BOTH members of a team.

There are still some other types of reality show frou-frou featured on the show that I'm still a bit in the dark about, but "Amazing Race"is a fairly simple reality show to understand.  A bunch of contenders use the entire planet as one big scavenger hunt with challenges interspersed throughout, have I got that about right?

Allow me to write out loud as yon reader reads.

There are seven teams now left. They include:
-Josh and Brent-two "life partners" and, I'm not making this up-"Goat farmers". Who on earth raises goats? And for what?

-Natalie and Nadya-identical twins with a Sri Lanka heritage.

-Rob and Kelley-married "monster truckers"

-Trey and Lexi-dating, very young

-James L. and Abba-Professional musician and entertainment lawyer-"friends"

--Abbie and Ryan-Dating divorcees

--Jaymes and James D.-Chippendale dancers-"friends"
Jaymes and James-Chippendale Dancers

The roadblocks and detours have certainly been interesting. I am amazed at how difficult these tasks are. Building a big scale? Sewing some kind of mattress out of fresh cotton? CATCHING RATS???!!!!

On the episode aired 10/28/12 the order of which the teams arrived at the road was as follows: James L. and Abba, Abbie and Ryan, Natalie and Nadiya, Rob and Kelley, Jaymes and James D., Josh and Brent, and Trey and Lexi.

What's really interesting is that the Goat farmers (again, who farms goats?) came in last on this episode but this was not an elimination episode as announced by the show's host.
Josh and Brent-Goat Farmers

Why not?

Shouldn't all episodes have eliminations? Isn't that a big reason why people watch?

But okay, we've got seven teams left and the viewers should by now be into it all.

I wonder how these people eat, where do they sleep, do they have to carry all their worldly goods in their backpacks?

Enquiring minds want to know.

As for who might win this thing, for now, with complete right to change my mind later, I'm thinking those twin girls have the youth, stamina and determination to see it through.

For now, the other contenders fall into a blur in my scheming mind while the twin girls have consistently impressed me with their drive.

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