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Goodness, if a winner could be telegraphed it would, for this 2012 season of Survivor Philippines-

It would be Survivor contender Denise.

First, the combining of the tribes.

On 10/18/12 the Matsing tribe was dispersed with the last two members of Matsing merged into Kalabaw. The following episode (10/31/12) all tribes merged into one.
Kalabaw Tribe

For these past few shows, goodness, it's been all Denise all the time.

Make no mistake, she is a formidable player.

First of all, her Bio says she is a Sex Therapist.

Now I know there are people who do this, a sort of adjunct of marriage counseling I must assume. And I understand that this occupation gives her no advantage on Survivor except maybe when the jury votes.

In fact, should Denise make it to the final two I've no doubt at all she will be the winner.

She's a pleasant lady, she's strong, she's determined, she'll negotiate and the camera seems to always be upon her.

Returning Survivor contender Penner was voted out on the Halloween episode of Survivor Philippines but he had the immunity idol and he used it.
Tandang Tribe

Look for Penner to be in the cross hairs for elimination because they voted him out once, they'll do it again.

Dawson and R.C. were voted out in the two most recent episodes.

The other Survivor Philippines getting a lot of camera time is former child star Lisa Whelchel. Allegedly Whelchel is playing the game anonymously. Another player, also a former TV star supposedly, is on to her.

I remember Lisa well. She played the snobby character in "Facts of Life", a staple of my daughter's TV viewing childhood.

Now Lisa is a devout Christian and active in many Christian causes. She is 49 years old according to her bio. She has aged very well, she looks good, she's strong and she could go to the end. IF, by some weird juxtaposition the final two would be Denisa and Lisa I couldn't put a bet on one or the other.

For now I declare Denise one Survivor Philippines contender to look out for.

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