X Factor 2012 Revved Up With Victors Visible. Let's Make Predictions and Dish Up Some Snark

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So we had this hurricane come by named Sandy and all schedules got discombobulated. As a result all the shows, both TV and radio, got messed up. So instead of, say X Factor, or The Voice, we got the local yokel guys as they showed endless photos of satellite views of Sandy and brought on "experts" who told us over and over to obtain spare batteries. If any adult in this country doesn't know to have spare batteries on hand in the event of a hurricane than I call it survival of the fittest.

Those too stupid to pick up a couple extra AA batters and the like, well they might perish for lack of communication. Those smart enough to get some extra batteries might survive.


I'm very confused by this season's X Factor what with an election, Benghazi and hurricanes taking up my brain power.

So for now we'll just post the teams and team advisors. Hand to God I begin to watch with renewed vigor and soon we'll have predictions, reviews and snark.

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