Grey's Anatomy Roars Back in 2012 After a Devastating Plane Crash. Review.

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I've got very mixed emotions about hospital shows. Although, invariably, I find myself liking them and through the years I've watched Ben Casey, Dr. Kildaire, and the one starring Howie Mandel, forget the name.

I've been through a lot of the illnesses featured on these shows and the reminders aren't welcome.

Cancer, heart disease, even a brain infection…..all medical maladies I've encountered recently via my immediate family. Watching these things dramatized does not enhance my experience.

Seattle Grace Hospital is a typical setting for the interaction of medical and people dramas. For over the course of time viewers do, as would be expected, get involved with the lives of the featured physicians.

Meredith Gray is a doctor whose mother was also a doctor. A viewer gathers, over the course of time and script, that Meredith had issues with her mother.
Sara Ramirez
Hunk Patrick Dempsey plays Meredith's husband, a surgeon at Seattle Grace, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Meredith and Patrick have adopted a black baby though I don't know why or how this sub-plot adds to the story line. I suppose it shows this busy doctor as also being a busy mom and thus the audience will identify.

Meredith could have, throwing it out there, had a baby of her own. Then there would be the story line of the pregnancy and birth but no, it was the adopted black baby story line and it's okay.

There's a crazy love triangle thing going on involving characters Callie, Arizona, and Dr. Mark Sloan.

Although Dr. Sloan is now dead.

But I get a head of myself.

Arizona and Callie are lesbian lovers, about to get married on the show as I deduce from the show's web site. Dr. Mark Sloan is the father of the child Callie bore that Arizona and Callie are raising.

Got that? Poor little baby has three parents, two Moms and a Dad.

But now the Dad is dead.

For life is not easy at Seattle Grace Hospital. There've been crazed gun nuts coming into the hospital and shooting everyone in sight in order to avenge his wife who died in the hospital.

Last season there was a horrific airplane accident involving many of the medicos at Seattle Grace.

Poor Dr. Shepperd, who got shot directly in the heart during that lockdown with a live gunman shooting people. Now he lost an arm as a result of the plane crash and don't forget this guy's a surgeon!

Arizona Robbins
This year Grey's Anatomy lives, dies and breathes on storylines based on the airplane crash although it could be just the beginning of this season, I dunno.

Somehow Arizona got her leg cut off and she blames her lover Callie. Dr. Sloan died after the plug keeping him alive was pulled. Dr. Oh, best friend of Meredith Grey, goes into some weird mental post-traumatic stress disorder which keeps her from functioning at all through to fear of airplane rides.

Other medicos suffer from guilt because they SHOULD have been on that plane, Dr. Shepherd does not fully recover his surgical arm, there's other dramas going on and dramas within dramas.

Add in a few patient anxiety and back story during each episode and frankly, hey, it's a great show, keeps on moving, happening.

I've watched Grey's Anatomy for five years plus now. I love it, I loved it at the beginning and I still love it now.

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