Fashion Week and Project Runway and Surviving Design Contenders on Project Runway 2012

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Well four design contenders went to Fashion Week on 2012 Project Runway.

And we have a winner!

The final four contenders are: Fabio, Dmitri, Melissa, and Christopher.

Dmitri is the winner. Fabio came in second.

From the start I was so convinced that Ven would win this competition because out of the gate Ven was parading pretty fashion down that runway, fashions with an emphasis on pretty pastels and sharp angular cuts. Indeed Ven won a couple of fashion challenges but was sent home, to my complete disappointment, rather unceremoniously.

After the loss of my beloved Ven I honed in on Christopher. First, Christopher won a bunch of contests. Second, well Christopher was the best of the remaining designers. Third, see the second.

Alas Christopher did not win. The script to Chris' downfall had Chris fretting and fussing and worrying over his design line. Well they all fret and fuss and worry over their design lines. But Christopher, whew, it was 45 minutes of Christopher snark and folks, it wasn't pretty.

One of his more off-putting actions was to refer to Melissa as a big liar when she referred to a color of material she'd purchased as "blood orange". Tim too liked the color so Christopher, all ugly and mean, whispered to the camera that Melissa was full of herself, that the color was RED. Period.

Oh my Christopher, just oh my.

Frankly Christopher's design line was a bit of a disappointment. He had this weird color thing going on in a lot of his designs and okay, they were nice. But of a fashion design class? Definitely not.

Fabio came in second place and his design line was very pretty, pastel based, clever, carefully edited. I didn't want Fabio to win because he dresses about as stupid as anybody I know.

Yes I know the fashion is not about what the DESIGNERS wear but Fabio always look like the Ricola man, all he needs is one of those very long pipe things and a mountain.

Melissa was just mediocre in my book though she did present a smashing wow dress out of that "blood orange" material that so upset Christopher. Melissa did produce some smashing thoughtful outer wear and I'll allow she deserved the top four slot. But she was no winning designer. He often topped it all off by a silly corncob type of straw hat and he just looked dumb as all git-out.

I liked Dmitri throughout this series but dear Lord he too often just kind of faded into the background, outshone by Christopher and Melissa throughout the final episodes, and definitely out weirdly dressed by Fabio.

His fashion line was beautifully sewn, carefully but artfully geometric and fashionable as well as flattering. As I watched the runway strut I pretended that this was my first time watching, that I had no idea who the designers were, that I was a critic on the sidelines so whose line would I pick.

I chose Dmitri's line based on this objectivity and yes, I picked Fabio second.

It was a great series this 2012 Project Runway. I once thought NBC's "Fashion Show" would pound "Project Runway " into oblivion.

But no. Project Runway is here to stay and may Dmitri have a happy career and may Fabio start dressing like a human.

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