TLC's "Secret Princes" a Surprise and Hilarious Show With a Unique Premise.

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I'm not at all sure how to describe my howls of laughter as I watched this series because I don't believe it was meant to be funny.

"Secret Princes"aired on TLC this past season and we'd like to see it come back. Though that's problematic, more on this later.

Here's these alleged princes coming to America to find a woman and it goes without further effort to assume their choice of females would be American.

These guys are, well they're fairly handsome. I doubt I'd kick any of them out of bed. They seem intelligent as their sense of humor would indicate. A sense of humor is always the first sign of intelligence and as a young woman first thing I looked for from a fellow is a job of some sort and on to a sense of humor.

They've evidently never actually had any sort of job so as part of their disguise they take jobs that have them delivering food to banquet tables and grooming dogs. Right there is a setting for hilarity and it's not a script or situation comedy.

The episode that had me laughing so hard I was almost high from it was the time the four princes decided to hold a July 4th barbecue.

Now none of these guys knows much about the 4th of July save in passing, I must suppose. It's a uniquely American holiday after all.

So on the actual day-JULY 4th- one of the other of the princes learns about the sacred American holiday, the American propensity to have barbecues. So they decide, THAT DAY, to have a backyard barbecue.

They ponder food to serve as I am still laughing myself silly at how they are running around, trying to figure out what to serve, how the hell to work a barbecue, and most important for the princes, how to find FEMALES to invite.

It's all rather funny as these fellows try to find females to date, wash their underwear, learn the effort of work….because the idea is for the princes to live incognito until they find the woman of their dreams who will finally learn that the dog groomer she'd been dating is really a prince.

From the show's web site, here's the story of the princes:
Prince Francisco of Spain: Royal House of Borbon and Hardenberg; 33 years old; direct descendent of German and Spanish royalty; had privileged childhood surrounded by servants, living in castles and traveling/mingling with Sean Connery and Michael Jackson.

Prince Salauddin Babi of India: Balasinor Royal Family in Gujarat, India; 32 years old; unable to go out in India without an entourage; parents have begun arranged marriage process.

Lord Robert Walters: Lord of the Manor of Fullwood, United Kingdom; 29 years old; prestigious bloodline can be traced back to King Henry VIII; underwear model who has fronted campaigns for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Honourable Ludovic Watson of Houghton Hall: United Kingdom; 23 years old; attended the esteemed Oundle boarding school; enjoys hunting, shooting and fishing; has home in London’s plush West End.
There's something sort of naturally funny about natives of India although that's probably just me.

Prince Salauddin Babi of India:is his name and I don't think he's trying to be funny. But goodness I almost want to say a prayer on Prince Babi such as his total lack of luck with women.

Prince Babi is, well he's not the best looking prince I've met though I've never met a prince. Every time this poor guy finds a female he likes it seems said female prefers one of the other princes rather than Babi. Poor fellow can't seem to catch a break in the female department.

I'm not sure why anyone would dream up such a concept because first….well you gotta find four princes actively looking for a female. Right there is a reality show based on difficult criteria.

I'm for certain the creator didn't mean to craft a comedy from this amazing idea but there you have it.

It will be interesting to see if TLC brings back this series.

The series ended this past week and it was a 90 minute sob fest.

First the princes revealed their identity to the females that they managed to find one way or the other. The reveal was set up as some sort of "ball", with the princes serving duty as waiters or ready to be announced by their royal names.

The four girls, one for each prince, were surprised though I'd be a bit more bemused by a revelation that the guy I'd been dating has been a prince right along when he'd been pretending to be a dog groomer.

Since such a scenario is quite unlikely to ever happen we'll allow that it was amusing and held a viewer's attention.

Then the ladies went to visit the princes in their native land and bear in mind here that these are American girls.

A few of them tolerated adjustments to their attire and that sort of thing but American girls aren't likely to go donning some burka la-di-da, not even for a prince.

Only one of the "romances" looked like it would be going on to anything more.

Ludovic proved to be a bit too young for a permanent female just yet and he had very snotty friends.

Francisco of Spain appeared to have a possible future relationship with his female choice but it wasn't any paragon of passion.

Poor Prince Salauddin, or "Sal" as we call him, fared the worst in the female department.

He took his girlfriend to meet his parents and did the whole panoramic tour thing. Finally he took her to a grand restaurant and told her that he loved her.

Lots of boo-hooing, "We can still be friends", on and on till it was almost painful to watch a prince sob on television.

But Sal's girlfriend was not about to try to fit into a culture she definitely dis not understand or much like. Much less end up with a blubbering prince baby who's got a long way to go before full manhood comes upon him.

Lord Walters was the best catch of all the princes, what with being of a perfect age of 29 and handsome to boot. He was very much enamored of his American girlfriend and to hear her tell it, she likes him as well.

So I dunno, maybe someday the American girl chosen by Lord Walters of Manor Fullwood will become Lady Walters.

I'm sure TLC will devote and entire show on the wedding nuptials, perhaps a live reality show of life in the royal household.

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