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Update on Hartley Case, American Shot While Jet-Skiing Near Mexico

Right from the start I thought her story was a bunch of lies.

Seems Tiffany Hartley and her husband, David, decided to go jet skiing on some place called Falcon Lake.

At some point during that awful day, according to Tiffany, a bunch of strange men began to chase them. As she and David turned their jet skis around to head back away from the Mexican side of the lake, David was shot in the back of the head.

Tiffany was unable to go back for David because she was scared for her life.

The story had all the requirements of a wife getting a husband out of the way.

What a better way to remove a pesky husband from the world with no way to prove a thing. David's body is assumed to be somewhere at the body of Lake Falcon or those "pirates" took the dying man and disposed of his body on land.


The shooting follows reports in May that boaters in the famed bass fishing oasis were at risk of being shaken down by "pirates" lurking on the Mexican side... The robbers in at least one case posed as Mexican federal law enforcement, searching fishing boats for guns and drugs and then demanding cash at gunpoint.
There had been reports of "piracy" on the Mexican side of Lake Falcon but in the case of David Hartley, an innocent jet skier, obviously American, the "pirates" got nothing of value from him.

The scuttlebutt is that the pirates might have shot Hartley for venturing too close to the pirate stash.

The story seemed, then and even now, just off.

IF I'm a Mexican pirate I'm either going to find me some Americans to rob. If I were to come upon a couple of young Americans merrily jet skiing around the lake, I doubt a pirate would, first thing, get a gun and shoot one of them. Pirates, I would think, want to keep a low profile. Cold-bloodedly murdering a neighboring country's citizen for no reason at all does not seem pirate wise to me.

At some point in 2010 there is delivered the severed head of the Mexican investigator charged with looking into the Hartley death.

Or, not "turned up" so much as "was delivered," to the police, in Mexico. And not just any severed head: One belonging to Sigifredo "Sigi" Gonzalez, the sheriff "spearheading the investigation" Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, the state police commandant heading the Mexican investigation into the disappearance of David Michael Hartley.
In March of 2011 four suspects are identified.

CBS/KGBT) HARLINGEN, Texas - Authorities in Zapata County, Texas have announced that they have identified four suspects in the Falcon Lake border shooting that claimed the life of David Hartley in September, and they confirmed that they were all known members of Mexico's Zeta drug cartel, according to local reports.
The Zapata county, Texas investigators are continuing to look into this crime. Sheriff Gonzalez has vowed to see the four suspects in custody.

I don't think this case will ever be solved.

Maybe the guns that killed Hartley were provided by Eric Holder via Fast and Furious?

I'm jus' sayin'.

Jerry Sandusky Receives Sentence

Creep still says he's innocent, declares that HE is the victim.

From CNN:
He had faced a maximum of 400 years for dozens of charges stemming from his sexual abuse of 10 boys over a 15-year period. Sandusky was convicted in June.
What on earth could this pervert possibly have been thinking as he just helped himself to the bodies of innocent little boys?

May this guy have a fun rest of his life in jail for the pain he's caused.

Terrorist Attempts to Blow Up Federal Reserve

A Middle Eastern man tried to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in Lower Manhattan this morning, law-enforcement sources told the Post.
The terrorist parked a van filled with what he thought were explosives outside of the Liberty Street building, sources said, then tried to set them off using a cell phone detonator.
The suspect, who was not immediately identified, was provided the explosives from an undercover FBI agent that he met on the Internet and believed to be an accomplice, the sources said. …

The latest update from the Obama administration is that this fellow was driving down the road when this offensive anti-Mohammed audio came across the radio and this guy got so uptight that he stopped and generated an impulsive riot. He then found some bombs and tried to……

Well you know the drill.
Justice in Chicago


Cook County judge deemed “legally insane” will likely be re-elected.

Judge Cynthia Brim still collects her regular paycheck — seven months after her suspension from the bench for erratic behavior.

Despite the bad publicity, voters will likely give her another six years on the bench.

“Most [lawyers] indicated a lack of confidence in her legal abilities,” even though her cases are “generally non-complex . . . her rulings are unpredictable and delayed. . . . consistently negative reports about Brim’s judicial performance and her arrest in downtown Chicago raise serious questions about whether she can remain effective on the bench.”

On March 9, at the Chicago Daley Center courthouse — miles from the suburban courthouse where she worked, Brim allegedly threw a set of keys and shoved a sheriff’s deputy before officers handcuffed her and took her to a holding cell.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery. [A] panel of supervising judges suspended her indefinitely.

[S]he was examined by a court-appointed psychiatrist who believes she’s “presently mentally fit with medication” but opined she was “legally insane” at the time of the reported skirmish.

Brim made comments in court that were “racial in nature,” accusing police officers of ticketing only black and Hispanic drivers. She also accused police officers of conspiring to get her fired.
Another source said she recited her parents’ names, the address of her church and her license plate number and walked around the courtroom, complaining she had been run out of her last assignment.
Despite her past, Brim will nevertheless receive the full support of the Democratic Party in the upcoming election said Cook County party head Joe Berrios.

Well the Democrats would support someone like this for a Judge.
Arrested for Failure to Predict an Earthquake

Understand here that, according to the article, convictions aren't really convictions in Italy until there's been at least one appeal. The article also says it's unlikely these "criminals" will ever go to jail.

Hey, I don't understand it. It's Italy.

Next we lock up the weatherman who give wrong weather reports.

An Italian court convicted seven scientists and experts of manslaughter on Monday for failing to adequately warn citizens before an earthquake struck L'Aquila in central Italy in 2009, killing more than 300 people.

The court in L'Aquila sentenced the defendants to six years in prison. Each is a member of the country's Grand Commission on High Risks.
Girl Shot at Halloween Party Was Mistaken for a Skunk

Police say a costumed 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot outside a western Pennsylvania home during a Halloween party by a relative who thought she was a skunk.
New Sewickley Township police say the girl was over a hillside and wearing a black costume and a black hat with a white tassel. Chief Ronald Leindecker says a male relative mistook her for a skunk and fired a shotgun, hitting her in the shoulder Saturday night.
Note…to all gun owners….Halloween is coming up. Folks of all ages, even skunk-sized, will often dress up in costumes and could be mistaken for that which they aren't.

The girl is expected to survive as I am to understand.
Now Here's An Interesting Story

This story has all the hallmarks of a fake racial incident. Of course, one is hesitant to suggest such a thing but there's so many loose strings in this story it begs scrutiny.

First, it was "originally reported" that the victim was wearing an Obama Tshirt. This article states that this is NOT true.

Her attackers were supposedly wearing "white hoodies". Such a description seems somewhat misleading, alluding in some fashion to KKK costumes.

the story went viral Sunday evening on Twitter and Facebook. Many of the posts speculated the attack was a hate crime. However, the sheriff's office confirmed with KSLA News 12 that Moffitt was not wearing a President Obama t-shirt, despite claims on social media that the t-shirt is what provoked the attack.
We will have updates as they become available online and on air.
Supposedly her attackers spray-painted racial slogans all over her car.

We're following this story and will have updates when supplied.

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