The Voice 2012-Losers and Winners With Christine Aguilera the Biggest Winner of All.

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We finally got the contenders down to a final ten, as of this paragraph, will update later as I watch the shows before the date of this post.

One thing I will discuss is Christina Aguilera. Goodness has this almost has-been managed to re-market herself using every trick in the book?

Understand that Christine does have a very good voice but hey, this is the singer who FORGOT the words of the National Anthem during a recent outing, even though she screamed she'd practiced but proof soon came out that she cut the practice short.

Come on! Watch her damn show The Voice! Watch American Idol! Watch the X Factor! America's Got Talent! There's THOUSANDS of singers, all of them dying to lead the singing of the National Anthem at a major sport event, all of the willing to put in the extra practice time!

That's when I lost respect for Christina Aguilera and all her recent in-our-face crap hasn't swayed me.

But she does know marketing and somehow she's managed to get her mug all over the place. I just watched a Dateline episode that had a major portion devoted to interviewing Christina. I wanted to reach through the TV set, pull her out by her neck, and throttle her.

First, the nothing burger Dateline interviewer asked Christina what she thought of her son.

Seriously, the interviewer came up with some slobbering question about measuring the joy Christina's 4 year old son brings to her life. This gave Christina, as was the plan, time to beguile and move us with how much she loved her little boy, how he was the joy of her life, how she soooooo loved the toddler.

Like not a single one of us watching love our own children that we needed Christina Aguilera to tell us how much MORE she loves HER child.

It was a gag-me moment.

I know it sounds like I have a grudge against Aguilera and I do. She was too damn lazy to learn the words of the National Anthem when she was scheduled to perform it in front of the country and that's a big minus for me.

She came back and got this gig on The Voice. Add to the humor of it, she got all three of her co-hosts, Blake, Adam and CeeLo, to do a duet with her.

And still she's a big stuffed marshmallow too lazy to learn the National Anthem. I don't like her for that and how she couldn't be bothered to learn it.

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