Joan Rivers All Over the Place, Including the Gutter, in Her Book "I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me "

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I picked up this book under my favorite section of the library, specifically, "new books". I kinda sorta like Joan Rivers though she can grate at times.

Still, she has a certain snark that appeals to me, not that I am proud of that.

And, indeed, I found this book quite enjoyable, the sort of thing one can watch while "The Chew" plays in the background. It's not a deep book, it's not even all that funny unless one is as snarky at I can be at times.

When I first started reading the book I was happy. We live in a society where we've all been politically corrected to damn death and here I was reading seriously politically incorrect stuff.

After a while I began to feel as if Ms. Rivers really stretched it. She stretched it to the point where it was almost uncomfortable.

A few of the snarkier chapter titles include "famous celebrity deaths" and "signs that your family hates you cause you're old".

Rivers reached a pinnacle when, in one chapter, she really over-stretched the bounds. Although I hasten to add, the "humor", though hidden deep, wasn't lost on me.

It was a chapter on Ann Frank and come on, she was a young, beautiful precious child who was forced to live in an attic, for no reason that makes any sense. It is believed that the beautiful Ann Frank perished in a concentration camp. She was a heroine of my young adolescent self and I got a bit uncomfortable with the following words:

"She only wrote the one book and didn't finish it. What kind of a work ethic is that? She has nothing to do all day long, yet, when it comes to completing the one task at hand, she can't be bothered. I mean c'mon, maybe this is why Peter Van Daan wasn't all that interested in hooking up. No one likes lazy."

The sarcasm isn't lost on me and for sure I'd never deny Rivers the right to pen her thoughts. Indeed, I still recommend this book to anyone who needs a break from the political correctness that now plagues us to silence.

Just be warned that, at times, you just might become uncomfortable.

Skip those parts of the book.

This book can be found here.

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