"Amazing Race 2012" Has a Winner and a Devoted Fan (ME!)

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 Goodness, according to its web site The Amazing Race is now in its 21 season. Why haven't I seen it before?

Which could be considered my endorsement of the show although I'm not at all clear how it works. My daughter explained a "UTURN" to me but I'm not clear on the detour thing and other miniscule matters that seem to be very important.

This season there was a team that was eliminated for losing a passport. I sure understand why these contenders need a passport as they seem to have circled the globe in the most recent series in autumn of 2012.

There sure was an interesting array of contenders, none less fascinating than the winners themselves.

Josh and Brent are life partners and self-describe themselves as "goat farmers".


Just what the heck is a goat farmer? Do they farm goats? Do they use goats to farm? Just what do they do with the goats, do not smirk?

The Sri Lankan identical twins were intriguing and I found myself often rooting for them. Alas they didn't make it to the final three but throughout the series they provided entertainment. They each liked to refer to the other as "twinnie" and they called the goat farmers "the gay guys".

I thought for sure the dating duo of Trey and Lexi would win the million bucks but Lexi, God bless she's a cutie pie but she was not up to the task of matching the words "hello" and "goodbye" to the various countries' flags that they'd visited. Sure the challenge could have been solved with a process of elimination but it helped to know a few to keep the combinations and permutations from being overwhelming.

Finally in the top three there were the two Chippendale dancers, James and Jaymes. These two fellows were quite fit and always up to the challenges. I shall always wonder if these guys shouldn't join Josh and Brent on the goat farm.

Whatever the sexual preference or marital status, none of that matters much when these folks race to find a taxi, book an airline flight or struggle to deal with a challenge.

Oh, and those challenges, goodness. Tying up a woman's corset? Plowing straight rows in a field, led by a Clydesdale horse? Fixing a windmill?

On and on went the oddball challenges but watching the contenders deal with them , enjoying the flavor of the host country, was a big -part of the enjoyment of CBS' "The Amazing Race."

We're now permanent fans here in the swamps of Delaware.

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