That Cliff the Political Class Teases Us With Is Their Own Creation

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The last time the country faced a fiscal crisis, they devised some kind of hare-brained scheme that would have certain "default" actions will take place at year end.

Oh the political class talked sweetly to us. "We'll put off difficult decisions until after the election," they told us.

So by default, if congress does nothing, millions will be cut from the defense budget, the so-called Bush tax cuts will expire, and other pre-ordained expenses will be cut.

Folks, those political voodoo artists don't want to fix a thing. Cause EVERYTHING THE POLITICIANS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEY SCREWED UP!

Think about it.

What are the very few things the federal gubmint should be in charge of?

-the borders
-the money supply
-the nation's defense

Borders? Come on, back in Reagan's day us taxpayers agreed to, amiably, to a blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens and so it came to be.

Now they want us to do it again?

After some 30 years the politicians couldn't get serious about the borders, shore them up, come up with a comprehensive plan to track those who are are? Not to mention that technology is a darn bit better since the Reagan era.

The politicos just let whoever wanted to waltz in over our borders and now the Obama administration advertises the availability of food stamps in Mexico, just come on in, the door's open and the light's on.

The money supply?

Enter the silly "community" clause added on as burden to banks who must go through the feds for money to loan. So banks must finance pretty parks and urban renewal….no wait, that was the rather benign thing going on during the Clinton era.

Once the politicians realized how much they could control the money supply, it became standard practice to force banks to give anybody a loan what could breathe.

Thus the housing collapse, the resulting recession. Thank you oh mighty politicos for ruining the ONE major thing America's middle class had going for it-home ownership.

As for the nation's defense, thank God we have a military that is loyal to America.

Consider the Vietnam War, that horrible man who once ran for President who lied before congress, calling our soldiers Ghengihis Khan who cut off ears and genitals for fun.

Now we've gone beyond "don't ask, don't tell" which was about as fair a method to handle different sexualities beyond hetero as could be but oh no. Now we must have...HELL YEAH, TELL EVERYBODY!

Which accomplishes nothing as I see it. Point being, does anybody think that the politicians won't wreck the military given any chance?

Finally, please. Do not insult me by protesting that the Republicans didn't wreck the borders, become part of the money mess and for sure the pubs love the military.

Anybody who believes that the Republicans had no idea that our borders were as porous as a colander, raise your hand.

Should anybody believe the pubs knew nothing about buying a house for Crystal and her Pimp despite any kind of regular paychecks...also raise your hand.

I don't recall any pubs ranting back at the horrible behavior of John Kerry, who told lie after lie in front of congress about our soldiers.

The Republicans, who I like to refer to as the Blue Blood Elite, are part and parcel of the political class and they've been part of the bad governance that our congress has foisted upon our country, do not absolve them.

It's a big job but we've got to get that politically class out of there.

Cause anybody who thinks a politician will choose the betterment of a constituency over their own advancement….well like those who believe the Republicans are innocent….I got a bridge to sell real cheap.

Just been renovated.

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