The Final Four Teams Race On: Chippendales, Twins, Goat Farmers and One Ordinary Hetero Couple

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So there were four left before this most recent "Amazing Race" -and there are still four left even though the twins came in last and didn't do their detour task. It was, as the host explained, a "non-elimination" show.

Well that's not the only thing I don't understand about The Amazing Race. I don't understand "U-Turns" and the detour thing confuses me.

At any rate, the remaining four team contenders are an interesting group. I'm still startled by the two self-proclaimed "goat farmers"-Josh and Brent, who are also life partners and who always seem to be losing.

The twins are from Sri Lanka, which means not much except they mention this at least once, often more, during each episode. The two Chippendale James and Jaymes are, well they're Chippendale dancers but I'm not at all sure what their relationship is with each other. Finally there's the heterosexual couple, Lexi and Trey. Not that there's anything wrong with this.

Given the records of these four, it would seem a good bet to go with Lexi and Trey to win this thing. I would laugh out loud should anyone suggest the goat farmers although there is that thing about rooting for the underdog. The twins do well one week than look like amateurs the next. As for James and Jaymes, I can see them coming in second with a shot at first.

But then I thought Romney would win the election in a landslide so take me with a grain of salt.

As I understand it this coming Sunday (12/9/12) will be the final episode but I can't imagine an ending with four contenders still in the thing. This is the first year I have watched this show so I've had many surprises.

I have enjoyed the challenges the teams have had to conquer, this past week they had to be a fake bull or repair a windmill, goodness. I'm not much on the eating of bugs or crappy stuff but Amazing Race contenders manage to conquer the gag reflex.

Tune in for the finale on CBS and come back here for a snarky, happening summary.

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