True Crime- Perfect Gun Control Dramas, Celebrities/Politicos/Their Kids Commit Crimes; Crimes That Shock or Astound.

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There are many types of crime across the fruited plains. I do, on occasion and as my psyche propels, cover the crime from time to time. Many crimes cause a national discussion. Some crime involve celebrities and politicos, or their offspring. There's always at least one Muslim in the fray, either killing their daughters for being normal or their wives for whatever reason they want as there are few limits to wife abuse in Muslim law.

There are then, of course, the crimes that astound, shock or make me laugh.

Below, a compendium, the last for 2012, of True Crime.

The liberals are very desperate to invoke their agenda of gun control.

Efforts to take away Americans' guns stopped abruptly right after the events of 9-11-01. That's the day America realized that box cutters almost brought us down. Silly and useless attempts to take away our guns seemed futile.

Now we have three crimes this year and the hounding libs will be baying at full moons on until they either get their way or America just says no.

The most notable, of course, is the recent, horrifying events in Connecticut. 20 young children shot dead, brutally, and six adults killed for trying to save or protect them. One evil son of Satan also died in a confusing cloud of bullets, gun-toting mothers and gun control laws which worked but doggone it the criminal didn't obey the laws.

For the alleged perp, one Adam Lanza, was a human nut case, pure and simple. As of this writing it's been revealed that he regularly burned and mutilated himself, that he was a loner and quiet. Law authorities have been hinting widely that the reasons why Lanza did what he did will soon become clear.

Then there is the Zimmerman case down in Florida. This was chosen by the left to be their defining case but the left is always getting fooled about their silly agenda because….well it won't work.

In the Zimmerman case we have a young man serving as civilian watchman for his apartment complex. He had a legal concealed carry permit and what better place to carry a concealed weapon than during the night while watching for crime?

Another young man was acting very suspiciously, lurking around the backs of the buildings until he finally leapt upon Zimmerman and began to pummel him.

What happened next is known mostly by Zimmerman but there's pictures of him after the assault by Trayvon Martin.

It was the perfect gun control drama but it's fizzling. Trayvon, it would seem, was not a model citizen.

Finally we have the fine and upstanding Jovan Belcher who waited for hours for his girlfriend to return from a night out with friends. He shot her eleven times but didn't sports writers of all damn things feel some need to lecture us on the evils of guns.

So okay ladies and gems, the libs got three big drama cases to take our guns.

We've got twenty dead children, a young black man coulda been the president's son out casing homes to vandal when he was shot by Zimmerman in self-defense and then there's the fine, fine Jovan Belcher, man whatta guy, killing the mother of his child, shooting her eleven times.

Let's see how the libs do because if they don't manage to take away our guns with all this emotion (libs GOVERN by emotion) then they never will.

And anybody who thinks taking away our guns will stop all of the above, well I gotta bridge to sell real cheap.
Now We Move On to the Crimes of the Celebrated and Political Class.

I'm not claiming that the political class or even the silly celebrities of our world have any larger guilt in the crime statistics around us. I just like to point them out as we should watch them. They think they own DC and they think they own Hollywood.

So DEMOCRAT Jim Moran, Representative in America's House, had a son who encouraged voter fraud.

Man what a kid he is. His father must be so proud.

Because this same liar and cheat beat his girlfriend and fractured her skull

What a guy!

Then there's Senator Menendez, a DEMOCRAT, who himself had some time with a prostitute while overseas. His defense is that prostitution is legal in the country where he had it and, of course, we fully want our senators having sex with foreign prostitutes, duh.

So now an intern serving in Moran's office was arrested for being a sex offender. It's unclear what the intern did but what is clear is that offender is from Peru and Mendenez did got a big contribution from a Peruvian PAC.

The senator said he had no idea that a)the intern was an illegal alien much less b)a sex offender.

We'd get fired for being so stupid on our jobs.
And then there's the obligatory Muslim male kills wife as is his religious right crime.

What's so sad about this story, the murder of this Muslim woman, mother of four children, was at first believed to be a hate crime.

The Muslims, man they go through life thinking every American is out to get them. Most Americans know few Muslims and are not likely targeting them for hate crimes, come on.

Since this is California, so okay, it was a perfect vehicle, much like the gun control dramas above, to create the lie of Muslim persecution by Americans.

This guy meanwhile kills his wife, brutally, and he gets the benefit of stupid Californians defending his honor.

This was True Crime 101. And this ain't Iraq. You kill your wife you don't a free pass here in America.
We'll end with the absurd crime that we always come across in this column.

Dear Lord, here's a man who carved a pentagram into his 6 year old son's back.

Indeed it was this fine fellow himself who phoned police and told him what he did. When the responder asked why he did such a thing, he responded "it's a holiday".

Police found the young child clad only in pajama bottoms, shivering and scared of course, with a bloody back carved with a box cutter. The cuts weren't deep enough to require stitches, thank goodness.

Can you imagine how scared that little guy had to be?

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