X Factor 2012 Down to Final Two. Can Artificially Created Musical Groups Ever Succeed?

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So there's two contenders left on X Factor  as of this writing. The semi-finalists consisted of two "hand made" groups, created by Simon Cowell, one old cow hand country singer and a cutie pie young adolescent.

First, about these groups created from other contenders, is this really a good idea?

Here we have a bunch of total strangers to each other and Simon picks and chooses and boom, we have a new group. My ageing memory recalls he did this last year but to no avail.

This year, Simon created two musical groups, one is 5th Harmony, a bunch of girls that Simon liked for whatever reasons. They have yet, as my choir-member ears have listened, to reach any kind of discernible harmony.


It's not that they can't learn harmony, or even getting along with each other for that matter. But lots of groups start out together right from the start. They are attracted to join together due to...lots of reasons. Logistically they live closer, they get along well with each other, their music works. Reasons made them join together and by the time they enter a contest (America's Got Talent has lots of groups like this) they are way further along than these two lame creations of Simon Cowell's.

But yes, 5th Harmony is one of the two finalists and I suppose they might win. I've not been terribly impressed by Tate Stevens.

Oh he sings well enough but at this point they all do. He's just not star material to me, he's more an old cow hand. And if he has any sort of X Factor, I don't see it.

So I predict 5th Harmony will win but how sad is that?

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