Book Review-"A Descent Into Hell"by Kathryn Casey….He Killed Her But That Wasn't Enough. He and His Girlfriend Also Dismembered Her.


This is the second book I've read authored by Kathryn Casey. She is quite the fine crime writer, second only to Ann Rule.

This book is the story of the horrific murder of Jennifer Cave, murdered by her ersatz friend Colon Pitonyak, and dismembered after her death by Pitonyak and his other friend, Laura Hall.

"Deadly Little Secrets" by Kathryn Casey. An Evil Minister Kills Wife & Possibly Child-A Story That Shocks With Each Page Turn.

Jennifer's mother, Sharon, gave this anecdote about her pretty red-head daughter:

"That year in Sunday school, Jennifer wrote down what she wanted God to do for her. She asked for a new job for her father, that her grandparents were kept safe on a trip, and wishes for everyone else in the family, but nothing for herself.

"That was just Jennifer, she always thought first about others."
While victims are often remembered fondly, it would seem that Jennifer Cave did match her mother's fond description of her.

For Jennifer probably met her death in the act of trying to help a friend, a friend who shot her and coldly dismembered her body after death.

Colon Pitonyak was a drug dealer, immersed big time in the drug culture of a Texas university where he met Jennifer and provided her with a bounty of drugs.

Jennifer was, however, free of drugs and had just landed a wonderful job. Her new employers adored her.

Jennifer Cave was turning her life around, living with a friend, starting a promising job, free of drugs and ready to march forward with her life.

Colon Pitonyak and Laura Hall , in a drug-fueled orgy, engaged in after death dismemberment followed by a jaunt to Mexico that they not suffer for their crime.

Casey has a somewhat unique way of writing the crime novel. She doesn't start with the crime committed nor does she forecast any details about her story.

I had no idea how Pityonak accomplice Laura Hall was involved in the murder and debasement of Cave's body until I'd read 2/3's of the book.

This method left me puzzled for after the Pityonak trial I wondered what on earth could possibly take up another 1/3 of the book now that the murder details and trial verdict were known?

True crime aficionados, read this story for an Ann Rule like draw into the crime and peoples involved.


Is It Just Me?

The picture above appeared in a cooking magazine that came to my Kindle as God meant a simplified life to be. I've included the original page in the mag and the part that caught my x-rated eyeballs.

Since it is electronic, unlike its paper counterpart, I am able to copy pictures from the magazine and...well like here, put on my Blog or Facebook, even apply a few photographic effects.

This is supposed to be a picture of an art collage of food packaging, a beautiful thing, something like making art from trash.

I outlined in a white-line rectable one "packaging" item that I though….well I thought it looked like something else and it isn't food packaging.

Trash is trash. Grab a real paintbrush and go make some genuine art.


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