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Thoughts on CPAC

Well I was quite happy with this past weekend's CPAC conference, which was covered in toto on Fox News.

Rand Paul won the straw poll.

You know Rand, the fellow Senator John McCain and mini-me Lindsey Graham called a whacko bird?

I heard Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz speak. I read that Donald Trump spoke but he was a bit nutty, asserting that we should invade Iraq and take its oil.

Or something.

Sarah Palin was terrific and she was in no way shy or reticent despite the negative psychological profiles of such experts as Katie Couric and David Letterman.

Lookit, every one of the speakers at this conference are the up and coming young, Tea Party Republicans, do not deny it.

I watched John McCain apologize all over Fox News Sunday for calling Rand a mocking name but he himself came off as sad, pathetic and very passe.

I also found it quite interesting that Jeb Bush pulled himself out of the straw polling. My cat has a better chance than Jeb Bush to be the next Republican nominee. While Jeb's written a book and been on all the Sunday talk shows to promote, as wannabe presidential candidates do, he must have some polling down on his chances. The thought of another Bush in the WH makes most Rea Party types want to puke.

Sarah, heh, she drank a Big Gulp (32 oz size) while she spoke and my favorite line of all…."We need to send the "architects" back to Texas."

Barack Obama As Satan?

Who knew?

Library Bureacrats Make Their Own Rules

Would a private business require its paying patrons to physically come in every year in order to continue using their services?

Did Blockbuster, or Redbox, require you to come to a branch office to be allowed to continue using their product through the year following?

These private businesses, subject to the will of the marketplace, might require a re-signup for whatever reason but understand that going along with my analogy, you already paid for the service coming up but still you must show up in person to continue your membership?

Of course libraries are subsidized by the gubmint so they have no problem with inconveniencing its patrons, screw them all.

Bachelor" Update, Some Royal Gossip, Expiring Library Cards

This is an example of how a bureaucracy thrives like no private business every could. For we must assume I will pay taxes next year to finance the public library so I paid for my service under this scenario but it's a no go until I show up physically and renew my rights to borrow a library book.


Dear Lord….but they own us. If Diane Feinstein, some leftist turd from California, decides I shouldn't own "assault rifles", which will become whatever the political ruling class wants it to be, maybe a pencil, then I should give up my second amendment rights, man I didn't vote for this bitch who the hell is she to run my life?

Don't even get me started on Nanny Bloomberg.

I am answering your question about your library card being expired. Library
cards expire every year now so we can update all the information and to make
sure that we can your correct email address. You should have received a email
telling you that the card was about to expire. Could you please come in and let
us reactivate your card by checking your id. The process takes all of about 30
seconds if there is nothing to be corrected.

Thank you
Bonnie Bly Elliott
Assistant Director Georgetown Public Library

Patron: Every year?


We only renew our driver's license every EIGHT YEARS!

Bureaucrats, they get all the power, they make our lives hell.

BTW, I DID renew the card, went in....everyone was very nice.

But who on earth decided to make us renew every year?

And if so every year, will we have to go physically to the library to do this?

What elected representative of mine agreed to this?

No, I'm not happy about it.

The gubmint owns us, it owns us.

I would not mind if, for example, we could renew via a private
business would do.

A private business NEEDS our business, it appeals to the CUSTOMERS!

Bureaucrats do not have to answer to anybody, they just make rules and we must
follow them. For WE are the peasants.

Bear in mind that libraries are NOT a "business" with a bright future. I've found it just easier to buy my books and download them directly into my Kindle. Recent releases are not very expensive in the electronic format….about $8-$10 bucks. Many many more available cheaper than this.

But like dumb bureaucrats, their position in the marketplace doesn't matter because they are paid for by the GUBMINT.

Soon gubmint sponsored libraries and that Taj Mahal stupid thing in Georgetown Delaware will be relegated to the trash can of history.

Librarian 1: Dear Ms. Fish,

I'm following up with your comments about library card expiration dates and the
need to come in person to update your library card. We truly appreciate the
time you took to let us know how this affects you and your thoughts about the

Libraries are champions for privacy; the expiration date is one way to clear out
inactive accounts so that old records do not remain. It also helps to keep our
accounts up to date for contacting our patrons when items are ready to pick up
or coming due, etc.

Typically, this is also a time to clear up any fines as well, and since
libraries are not quite set up for online payments (yet), it's convenient for
our patrons to take care of any old fines while renewing cards there in person.

From your response, it is very clear that this is inconvenient and we apologize
for that. We're very glad to have your point of view and I want to assure you
that it has been passed on to those who make such policy decisions. Although
changes sometimes take time, it's so very important to know how best we can
serve our patrons from their perspectives.

Again, thank you so much for your questions and use of our libraries. We are
very grateful for patrons like yourself. Please feel free to use our Delaware
libraries and Ask a Librarian Delaware again, anytime.


Cathay Crosby
Delaware Division of Libraries
Ask a Librarian Delaware

If I sound bitter, you better believe it. Every one, every bullied and bossed living being on this planet reaches a point. The point may vary but even an extremely abused wife will rise and roar once that point is reached.

Today the bureaucrats at the library and Diane Feinstein are pushing me to my point.

Who are these people and why can they run MY life?


Not to mention the crazy thing with Delaware trying to eliminate the death penalty.

Actually I am in favor of eliminating the death penalty but I have a position based on my values and faith. The politicos have no values, faith….it's all about the politics of it.

According to the Delaware Death Repeal Project, nationally, one person is exonerated for every 10 that are executed.  Since 1973 in the U.S., 142 people have been released after being cleared of the crimes that landed them on Death Row.

State Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson, R-Milford, called those statistics "horrendous" and said he was sponsoring the bill largely to eliminate the possibility that the State of Delaware could put an innocent person to death.

Couple of interesting things about the excerpt above: That awful Gary Simpson, who has done nothing but spit in Sussex County's face since he's been elected, called those fake, fake, silly, silly, fake statistics proffered by some dumbbell Democrat or another "horrendous".

I have a bridge to sell Simpson, cheap. Just been renovated.

The stat offered by the awful, awful Delaware politicians is that 142 people have been released after being convicted of crimes and put on death row.

Somebody tell Gary Simpson, who HATES his constituents by the way, that does NOT mean these people were innocent.

Whisper in his ear, he's a bit obtuse.

Our Delaware Masters, those elected political elite who know better than us how to run our lives, also want to add more needless and useless gun control. All part of Obama's national quest to take away our guns, with a little help from his Democratic and RINO friends.


Even Mike Castle, that wonderful, wonderful Republican the RINOS all begged us to re-elect, is out and outbout touting more needless gun legislation.

Christine O'Donnell, that awful witch who defeated Castle, is nowhere to be found out espousing the limits of our second ammendment.

Heh. The RINOS told us how bad, bad, bad O'Donnell was but here we have Castle all busy trying to stomp his liberal foot on our rights.

An interesting exchange below
State Rep. Valarie Longhurst, D-Bear, the bill's prime sponsor, said background checks at dealers have stopped approximately 3,500 firearm sales in Delaware over the last six years.

State Rep. Jeff Spiegelman, R-Clayton, asked of the 3,500 people that had been denied, how many were legally prohibited from possessing a firearm and, of those, how many were arrested and charged with illegally trying to obtain a weapon.

"I don't have that number," Rep. Longhurst replied.

National Rifle Association State Liaison Shannon Alford told the committee while she could not speak to Delaware's statistics specifically; she could shed some light on the issue from a broader prospective.  "Nationally, of the 1.5 million denials, 94 percent were dropped after review, .1 percent were considered for prosecution and 13, total, were actually convicted or plead guilty following those denials," she said.



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