America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11-Episode 6-Simon Gives a Golden Horn Salute

His talent claim to fame was giving compliments. This and much more in an update to America's Got Talent.

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As is always the case, America's Got Talent has the most unusual of acts with the most unusual of people.

agt6.23.16knifeactThis episode aired on 6/21/16 featured a knife act that was, as these things always are, very scary. This knife throwing act, the sort where a woman stands as a target while the knife-thrower sends speeding missiles of knives all around her, featured knives that were on fire!

A pair of twin boys played the piano like the talented entertainers they were born to be. They were younger than ten, by the way.

We had another young singer, Jayna Brown, below a video of her performance.

Another unusual act had a woman changing outfits constantly . She and her performing partner, also , agt6.23.16ladychangesclothes2agt6.23.16ladychangesclothes1

her husbandwould work in tandem. Husband would slip a opaque cover over the lady. Within seconds boom, the cover was removed and the woman was wearing an entirely different outfit. In one action, the husband threw a bucket of glitter at the female and boom, once the glitter fluttered away, yep, another new outfit.

Every once in a while AGT has to have an oddball contender to entertain the judges and the viewers. Usually it's an act that wouldn't even be considered for such a prestigious show as America's Got Talent.

In one case there was a contender who claimed that he was the kind of compliments.

Well right there you got to stop and smile. This is a talent?

Well it wasn't a talent but the fellow did all of the judges compliments and that was nice.

But it was all just a laugh.

agt6.23.16guywhoislimberThen we had a contender from Estonia, a fellow that was so limber he could bend his body into a pretzel.

The judges sent him through but while his act was vaguely amusing, I don't see it winning.

And of course you always have to have the act that features some wild and crazy guy do weird stuff to his anatomy. In this episode we had a guy who hung heavy objects on chains and hung them from his ears, from his tongue, from his eyelids and yes, from his nipples.

Finally we had an Audrey Hepburn lookalike who survived ovarian cancer. She was a young girl with a lovely voice and with such a sob story, how could one of the judges NOT blow the golden horn to guarantee going through to Hollywood?

This time it was Simon Cowell and this was a surprise.

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