Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode Aired 7/3/16, Some Tiki Food and Dessert from the Freezer

She's a contender who cooked well but smile pallidly. She got sent home because of a presentation that made you cry. Tune in for details of the recent episode of The Next Food Network Star 2016

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It's now down to five contenders for the title of The Next Food Network Star 2016. It was six at the beginning of this episode but Ana, allegedly a great cook but with the personality of an angry crocodile, got sent home.

The show began with an interesting challenge (but aren't they all?) involving preparing some kind of dessert item using basic baking ingredients but any other ingredients will come from the freezer. Said freezer, understand, filled with TV dinners, frozen pies and ice cream items….typical freezer items, in other words.

fn7.4.16pic1The guest is Lorraine Pasquale, another Food Network star I never heard of.

Joy made a chicken pot pie, out of a TV dinner, Judges deemed it salty, not so good.

Erin made a sort of cake containing chili, judges liked it.

Ana prepared something called "tres leches" which means THREE MILKS. She did a reasonably good presentation. For Ana.

Damiano prepared a sort of shortcake cookie but he complained about frozen egg yolks and he complained about frozen butter. Complained, complained, complained.

Jenard made what he called "triple berry biscuits" declaring the inspiration came from biscuits his wife made for him on their first date. We did then hear about Jenard's nine kids, which he never lets the viewer forget.

Tregaye was the winner of this challenge as the judges loved her bread pudding made with fudge bars and frozen pie.

For the elimination challenge, we had Anne Burrell-and I do know her, she is hostess of Worst Cooks in America on fn7.4.16pic3Food Network, be the hostess of a challenge requiring the contenders to team up.

The teams consisted of Tregaye and Damiano, Ana and Joy, and Jenard and Erin.

The teams were required to prepare a main dish and a dessert item for a "tiki" party-which seems to be some form of a Hawaiian luau.

After preparing the dish, the teams were then to give a 6 minute presentation, TOGETHER!

Ana and Joy were perfectly horrible. I wonder why Ana has been kept on so long as she's a very dislikable contender. Then I heard Bobby say she cooks very, very well and of course I cannot taste Ana's cooking as a viewer of this show. I can only judge the contender's on their presentations and the judges comments on their food.

Tregaye and Damiano came in second place, with Erin and Jenard the winning team.

Ana was, finally, sent home as viewers would be throwing items at the TV if she had her own Food Network show.

Joy, I am to understand, will probably be next as she's not that great a cook.

Right now look for either Tregaye or Erin to win this contest. Damiano has too much of an accent and not much cooking repertoire.

Jenard is an outside possibility cause he has those nine kids don't you know.

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