America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11-The Judges Begin Cutting Aired week of 7/12/16

We got a bit of a scandal on America's Got Talent though it's small. The judges are culling down the field in preparation for the upcoming live shoes. Some videos, pics and commentary within.

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She's a pretty young thing, is Brennley Brown. Below a video of her performance.

While searching for a Youtube of her performance I did some looking around. Yes Brennley Brown is quite talented but it also seems she's quite successful and has sung in many venues.

So up comes 62 year old Ronnie Martin, video of her performance below.

Now let us agree that Ronnie Martin is a very good singer and does, indeed, dress very well. AND Martin did beat out Brennley Brown in going on to the live competitions.

I don't know what the rule is for appearing on America's Got Talent. Most of these type of shows have rules on what kind of performance past the contenders can have. Or not. But America's Got Talent often has performers who were successful in the past though it's kept quiet.

I'm thinking the AGT judges pushed on 62 year old Ronnie Martin because this might be her last chance. While Brennley has a huge future in front of her and will probably go on to great success.

A group of three hippies, called Edgar I think, made the live cut. Strange family, mother pregnant at 16, resulting child and some kind of stepfather person. They do sing well though.

This guy with the cute dancing puppets did NOT make the live cut but it sure is a cute act.

On yet another night of judges' cuts, we had 11 year old Skylar Katz singing rap, a video of her performance below.

Sklyar did not make the live cut, she was cut on the night AGT had Reba MacIntyre as a guest judge.

The amazing knife act went through. An old guy comedian dressed up as a woman went through. The contortionist from Estonia is going through and singer Moya going through.

Got more judges' cuts next week so tune in for updates.


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