Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode aired 7/17/16-The Right One Finally Sent Home

He is from the south yet his gumbo was awful. And finally the worst personality sent home.

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The three contenders left are the best ones of the lot, at least as I see it. Getting this out of the way, know that Ana was sent on her way.

I never much liked Ana but all along she had been asserting that her cooking was the best.

Unfortunately the folks at home do not get to taste the food so I must accept that Ana may well be the best cook.

Right now we have Damiano-an Italian baker, Jenard-father of a bunch of children and master of southern cuisine, and Tregaye, she who I think will win though I am not convinced she is the best cook.

This show had the remaining four final contenders preparing all kinds of odd meals based on weird holidays and another meal based on real holidays.

The contenders had to make something with their odd holiday food and when assigned a real holiday they had to prepare two meals that are germane to their holiday.

And there was another big surprise.

Ana was assigned national pretzel day. Damiano got frog day, I am not making this up. Tregaye had national fortune cookie day with Jenard coming up the rear assigned hot buttered rum.

Each of the contenders, while they struggled to prepare something also got a surprise visit by a close relative. Jenard was joined by his wife, Ana with her daughter, Damiano with his brother and Tregaye with her husband. They had to include this special visitor during the cooking demonstration.

Jenard won this competition and as a result was given the chance to assign the other three contenders to the real holidays available.

Thus Ana ended up with St. Patrick's day, an Irish celebration, obviously and with Ana being Cuban it was a real challenge for her. Ana did give a great demonstration per the judges but as stated earlier, Ana was sent home.

Jenard gave himself Mardi Gras what with being from the south though it almost cost him dearly.

Damiano got Cinco de Mayo, odd in that Damiano is Italian.

Tregaye got New Year's Eve and below a pictoral display of some of the dishes they prepared.

Ana prepared a Shepherd's pie with ground beef and very creamy mashed potatoes.

Damiano made a pork tenderloin covered with mole, with is some kind of Mexican thing I would never eat.

Jenard's dish of gumbo turned out to be very salty, or so said the judges.

Tregaye declared that New Year's meals at her house always included collard greens and black-eye peas.

Each of the contenders had to pretend to be a party celebrating their holiday. Even churlish Ana did a good job of joining the party.

Jenard came in with the bottom two, mostly for his very salty dish. Ana was also in the bottom two and due to her slow progression in terms of personality on camera, she was sent home, never mind her supposed good food.

I'm standing by my belief that Tregaye is going to win this thing. She is a happening black woman with great cooking skills, a good personality and a big culinary background.

But we shall see. Come back to keep up with what's going on until the Next Food Network Star is finally announced.

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