Big Brother 2016 -blurb, Season 18, episode aired week 7/14/16. Very strange eviction.

The best thing going on now with Big Brother is the upcoming action.

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Of course Big Brother is one of my all time competitive reality shows.

But once it gets going they have 75 shows a week, some of them repeats.

For all the episodes aired already this year there have only been three evictions, one a guy so old he could hardly walk.

Then they evicted Jozea and he was a bit of an asshole. Then Victor who was entertaining if nothing else.

Meanwhile Bearded Paul, Frank and Paulie are winning all the competitions and who the hell do they evict this past week?


Bronte is the sweetest person, hardly a threat to anyone. Bronte is thrown up for eviction by a bunch of girls although two contenders that might be considered real threats, bearded Paul and Tiffany, are saved. Did you know Bronte is a mathematician? That's the last thing I thought she would be.

Nicole swears that Tiffany won't put any of "them" up for adoption-"them" being a group of five or so that decided to gang up and evict sweet Bronte.

Not to worry, for there is, this year, something called a "battle back" competition and the first five evictees of the Big Brother House will get a chance to compete and get back in.

So far this year we have Glen Barcia-over 50, Jozea, Victor and now Bronte, that will compete in this Battle Back. The next person evicted will also get a chance to battle back but that will be it as with the next evictee the total evicted will be five.

As for Nicole's insane belief that Tiffany will never put her up, Lord this girl played a whole season once already. Hasn't she learned to ANYBODY will put ANYBODY up for eviction, no matter what they say?

Paulie won the Head of Household this week and will place two players up for eviction this coming Sunday night. There will also be a road kill competition on that night and the winner of this, as is the new rule, can also nominate someone for eviction.

Next Wednesday we will have the power of veto competition and Thursday we will have a live eviction.

And a surprise is that on Friday there will be the "Battle Back" competition.


So I am keeping up, come back often to catch up and who knows, maybe I will be able to catch up.


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