America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11-Episode Aired 7/19/16-more Judge's cuts.

Two male singers featured on this episode of America's Got Talent. The dog act didn't make it but the dog sure is cute.

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This year's America's Got Talent, as in every year, the acts are unique and special. It's my favorite competitive reality TV show.

On the episode aired 7/19/16 there was featured two male singers. Both of them are going through.

Videos of the two acts below.

I think Brian is the better of the two.

A very good mime act was featured tonight and, in fact, was chosen to go on to the live shows. Nobody likes mimes, right? Seems this myth has been busted.

Below a Mime plays around with one of the Judges.

A really great dog act auditioned and made it through to the judge's cut. Simon was right, while the dog act was fun to watch, and the dog was great, it was not a million dollar act.

Magic acts are always big draws on America's Got Talent and this episode featured a magician who made a dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill….right in front of our eyes!

There was also featured a mother and son dance act, rather odd I thought. But they are going through so we'll keep eye out.

One more episode of Judge's cuts then moving on to the live act.

There are too many very talented people in America to keep track of it seems.

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