Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode Before the Finale. There's three left …who will win?

One has a strong accent, one has 11 kids and one is a southern charmer. Tregaye, Damiano or Jenard…who will be the next Food Network Star? My guesses.

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Why yes I did watch the Salvation Kitchen prelude to the next to the last Food Network Star episode.

Yaku won the chance to re-enter the Food Network Star competition but he returned then got booted out.

The final four were Yaku, Tregaye, Jenard and Damiano. In this final episode before the finale, the contenders were charged with creating a great dish that reflected their cooking skills. They also did a little video presentation of their dish, further showing their on-camera skills to the judges.

As is often the case in this sort of competitive reality show, the eliminated contenders return to help out the finalists. It adds a little drama to the contest.

Tregaye, along with eliminated contender Monteray, prepared a surf and turf sort of thing featuring very dry coating on the lobster cake. The judges were disappoointed as Tregaye, all along, has been a fine chef.

Yaku prepared a Jamaican Sicilian food as he bills himself as the Fusion Chef. The judges thought the dish too confusing and almost as soon as he came back, Yaku went home.

Jenard prepared some chipolte pork chops along with creamy macaroni and cheese and how can anyone go wrong with that? The judges loved it.

Damiano prepared some exotic Italian pastry as is his specialty. Indeed Damiano is handsome and can cook the desserts. The judges loved his dish.

After this beginning challenge, the contenders, with Yaku now sent home, worked with a former Food Network Star, Guy Fieri, to introduced various eateries and their specialties.

This is a Food Network show hosted by Fieri…"Diners and Dives" or some such. Guy Fieri is the most successful of the Food Network Stars.

The finale is this coming Sunday, last day of July 2016.

Who do I think will win?

I think Jenard is going to take the prize. He's a great cook, has a wonderful on-camera personality and comes off as friendly and funny. Then there's those 11 children.

Coming up second would be Tregaye in my estimation. She's a great cook, but a little wobbly at times. And her on-camera personality I find a little off-putting. She's sarcastic and comical at times but Jenard is much more lovable.

I'd be very surprised if Damiano won this thing as I suspect that not too many home cooks bake beautiful cream-filled french pastry. I'm not sure there'd be a big demand for this as a weekly show is what I am saying here.

Tune in Sunday night and come back here for final analysis and free opinions.

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