The Bachelorette Season 12, Episode aired 7.17.16-the home town dates.

Lots of drama, tears, anxiety during the home town dates on The Bachelorette 2016. Things do go awry.

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There's four bachelors left before this most recent episode and frankly I don't feel like Jojo has yet connected with any of them.

The remaining four include Chase, Luke, Robby and Jordan.

Every one of these guys has emotional issues of some kind but don't we all?

Chase has parents who divorced when he was very young. For the home town date Chase arranged a meeting with his estranged father and yet another meeting with his Mom and stepDad. Throughout this series Chase has whined about his divorced parents but dear Lord, we all have divorced parents. Chase needs to get over it.

Jordan has this mysterious football-playing brother who he has some sort of estrangement from. Yes siblings go through periods of not speaking but usually not so very long. Or at least as is my experience. But this feud with Jordan and his brother does not want to end, even when there's a big famous TV show involved.

Robby has ex-girlfriend problems. Her name is Hope and it seems that every friend of Hope is blabbing to the tabloids that as soon as Robby won a chance on the Bachelorette he told Hope to leave and not let the door slam in the butt. Robby, of course, denies any wrong-doing.

I thought that Luke would be the most perfect for Bachelorette Jojo but hey, I never have been known as any huge Cupid type.

It's just that Luke shows a kind of quiet confidence and of them all, Jojo seems to like him the best.

This episode was a bit different as, to my surprise, during the evening of the Rose ceremony JoJo said that she was sending Luke home.

I was quite surprised and this shows what I know about love once again.

At the beginning of the ceremony Luke comes out of nowhere and asks to talk to JoJo. He takes her outside and tells her he loves her.

Say what?

Like another contender complained, why didn't Luke talk to Jojo when she was at his house?

The viewer watches the faces of the four remaining contenders as Jojo sobs and does a drama mama outside.

She's got to send one home and did not.

And guess what?


Seriously…..we don't know who JoJo sends home.

N ext Tuesday will be the reunion show, featuring the infamous Chad.


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