Big Brother 2016 -blurb, Season 18, Episodes aired 7/17/16 through 7/27/16

Of course we have head of households, power of vetoes and other assorted Big Brother stuff. But now we have secret rooms, returned evictees, lots of lying, deceit and sneakery.

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It's been a complicated mix since last I wrote about Big Brother but I am on it.

I narrate from when Tiffany and Natalie were up for eviction. Then Tiffany, sister of previous season's Vanessa, won this season's surprise known as "road kill". The winner of this challenge gets to put another contender up for eviction.

As of this writing, the road kills and team concept has been discontinued.

bb7.30.16firstvetocompTiffany won the road kill competition and she put up Corey for eviction. Of course Corey won the power of veto and used it on himself. Tiffany replaced Corey with Da'vonne.

With all her tricks, Tiffany still got evicted.

Next episode we have five previous evictees battling it out in a series of challenges that one might re-enter the Big Brother House. Victor won the battles and is now a contender to win Big Brother Summer 2016.bb7.30.16victor

The Head of Household contest involved dancing on a small drum while holding hands up in the air to prevent pulling a cord that would unleash a shower of confetti and elimination from the contest.

This was a most interesting HOH competition in that it lasted very long and the eventual winner, James, made a promise he did not keep.

The show goes on to a miasma of secret confabs with Frank and Bridgette sure they won't be nominated in that once Bridgette agreed to throw the HOH competition James agreed not to nominate either of them.

But the House wanted both Bridgette and Frank up for eviction and James then went back on his word and put them both up for eviction.

Of course there is now the Power of Veto competition and while Frank and/or Bridgette needed to win power of veto, housemate Michelle won power of veto.

Of course we must have a little bit of drama in that Michelle once was smitten with Frank, a former contender on Big Brother, but she feels Bridgette took Frank away from her.

bb7.30.16headofhouseholdUsing all his charm, Frank tried to get Michelle to use power of veto on him but in the end she did not use the power of veto.

In a couple of distractions we had the discovery of the secret room. This had the contenders finding envelopes within the room that would give ONE of them a "turnaround" ticket to return to the House once they get evicted.

There was also a return by a couple of former Big Brother contenders, including Hayden, Showmance partner of Nicole. Seems they dated for over a year after the show but Hayden didn't want to get married or have children, or so said Nicole.

Also had Boogie, former friend of Frank, who stated Frank was playing a terrible game of Big Brother.

In any event, Frank got evicted and a new Head of Household competition began, involved crooked boards, yellow and red balls, and the remaining contenders.

For now I'm thinking Da'vonne's going to be a big target soon, along with Bridgette and then Victor, no doubt.

Come back for more updates, predictions and free opinions.


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