The Bachelorette Season 12, Episode before the Finale….Will it be Robby or Jordan?

So Jojo spends time in the Fantasy Suite with two guys but sends one home before consummation. At least as it played out. Who will she choose, Robby or Jordan? And notes on The Men Tell All.

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I have always been fascinated, and a bit grossed out, over this Fantasy Suite thing on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

Obviously they are having sex with each other though that word is never mentioned. But since I am a Blogger and freed from the language restraints of ABC, I shall say it.

This past week the three remaining men: Robby, Jordon and Chase along with Jojo went to Thailand. And as I understand it, next episode Jojo's parents will come to Thailand to meet the two remaining men.

Jojo went to the Fantasy Suite with Robby and Jordon and there was no mistaking the action that would occur within. At some point Robby mused at his joy upon awakening next to Jojo so how did that happen unless they slept together?

But they are adults and nothing wrong with this. Except with two different men within the same week?

Yes, I think that's a little bit slutty no matter how romantic the show might color it. And yes I know that's the whole concept of the show is a little bit slutty so why stop at sex?

But enough of my complaints, the concept doesn't repel me enough to keep me from watching it. I just wonder how a female can bed two guys in the same week, both of them in love with her.

Or something.

bach7.30.16chaseSo when it came to Chase's time in the infamous Fantasy Suite heh, guy got sent home before he got to wake up the next morning in bed with Jojo.

Which is a good thing because at least Jojo sent him home before having sex with him. I think.

And Chase threw a fit just like a scorned guy would throw and I was surprised. The anger he displayed was very normal, ire at having risked his emotions by declaring undying love for Jojo and right after she ejects him. Yeah, that would make me mad.

This show walks a delicate line in that you have testosterone running rampant but it's important to show these contenders for the Bachelorette's heart as being gentle souls without malice in their heart and love for their co-contenders who compete too for one love.

So showing an angry Chase storming off, refusing to hug the woman who just broke his heart.

But of course there was a big drama scene that had Chase returning during the Rose ceremony to tell Jojo how sorry he was for his abrupt departure and that he wished her well.

Heh. Well can't have the viewers seeing angry scorned men as they are rejected and hurt.

The two remaining contenders baffle me. Jordon has familial issues with his brother. He also does not seem to have any kind of job, with his career listed as "former football quarterback". But Robby too seems to have no career, with his being listed as "former competitive swimmer".

Jojo needs to choose from a pair of "former" somethings. If I had to choose one I'd go with Robby as she seems to have great affection for him. Jordan, on the other hand, seems to carry an undercurrent of anger that is a bit scary.

Here's hoping Robby gets some kind of CURRENT job if Jojo should pick him.

I did tune in to The Men Tell All, which is a big promo for the upcoming series "Bachelor in Paradise". And of course the infamous Chad was in the room.

Chad is a big feature in the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise series, which I will be covering here on this Blog.bach7.30.16chad

Chad's personality offended his co-bachelors in the house without end and it added drama to the story.

In the show The Men Tall All there was a little contretemps between the various men.

Chad might well be invited back to be the next Bachelor. Wouldn't that be a hoot?


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