"The Secret World of Pets"-Pure Entertainment with generous dose of love between animals and people. Great Movie.

It was pure entertainment with a dose of love between animals and mankind. I loved every second of "The Secret Life of Pets"

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You know a movie is good when it's over shortly after it began.

Well actually the movie was well over an hour and a half but I was drawn in from beginning to the last second. In fact, even at the last second I did not want the movie to end.

It's a simple story. A cute young dog, Max, finds himself stuck with a new housemate, Duke, a big lug of a dog that their owner brings home and expects they will get along.

Thus begins the saga to get rid of Duke while helping all the cast-aside pets of the world wreak revenge on the humans who left them.

The rest is just cute and includes Snowball the Bunny and lots of animals to include canaries, snakes, lizards and sneaky buzzards. Oh, and a real cute cat that acts….heh, just like a cat.

This is a movie for all ages. It's a movie to watch on a rainy day and a movie to watch over and over. The character voices include:

Louis C.K. ... Max (voice)
Eric Stonestreet ... Duke (voice)
Kevin Hart ... Snowball (voice)
Jenny Slate ... Gidget (voice)
Ellie Kemper ... Katie (voice)
Albert Brooks ... Tiberius (voice)
Lake Bell ... Chloe (voice)
Dana Carvey ... Pops (voice)
Hannibal Buress ... Buddy (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Mel (voice)

There is no major moral to the movie except there is a human out there for every pet, there is even a human out there for pets who have lost their owners, which includes Duke.

There's action, laughs, shouts, screams and much fun.

See this movie, please. See it especially if you have pets.

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