America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11- America Begins Voting and Already We Got a Winner Prediction

America does surely have talent, folks, including mind readers, child opera singers and already we've got a prediction for America's Got Talent 2016

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It's certainly a mish-mash of talent this year on America's Got Talent and yes, Tapeface got voted on to go through.

There have been dancing dogs, wonderful jugglers, illusions, knife throwing acts, magicians and lots of singing talent.

Below Ala and Daniel, a mother-son dance team that seems to entrance America.

The act below is an Argentine act, Malevo, involving moving ropes with hurtful things attached. This act has not yet been voted through but it did get a golden buzzer from a guest judge so keep eye upon.

Below is a music group, Musicality, that DID get voted through by America.


Finally, below the one who I think will win this year's America's Got Talent competition. She is Jayna Brown, she's beautiful and has a wonderful voice.

Above Jayna Brown….beautiful….could win this
Also voted on to go through include Deadly Gains, a dangerous act, Lorie Mae Hernandez-a pre-teen comedian, John Dorenbos-a mind reader, Tapeface-a mime America loves, and Laura Breton-a young opera singer.

There's still many more acts to be judges with only seven so far voted on by America.

Tune in to keep up on the action.

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