America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11-Catching up after the 2016 Olympics for the semi-finals

We have a video of all the acts that went through this past week. Singers, magicians….we got them all.

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We're getting all caught up with America's Greatest talent show-"America's Got Talent".

And this year has been quite packed with talent.

Let us review those who went through to the semi-finals this past week.

Brian Justin Crum

Crum is a great singer, listen to his rendition of "In the Air Tonight".

Linkin Bridge

They are from a poor area in Kentucky, a great group.


Blake Vogt

Blake is a magician and he's got a real good chance at winning this thing.


Grace Vanderwaal

This young female singer has one of the most unique voices one might hear.


Kadan Bart Rockett

Here we have a young magician who is helped by his sister. A really cute act.


Edgar family band

Here's a mother, daughter and stepfather forming a hip sort of folksy singing trio.


They dance and move and they're very talented.

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